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Dizzy episodes, becoming more frequent

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 16, 2007
  • 02:40 AM

I have had these lightheaded type of episodes off and on since early 20's. I am 43 now. I have had diagnoses of anything from a dairy allergy to migraines. I have also been told that it could be a "migraine without a headache." I also get bouts of cluster headaches every 6 months or so that last for a week or more. All these things are more common around my period. I am suffering greatly now. The dizziness, vertigo, and pressure in my head keeps me from sleeping. I have had an MRI, EEG and neck ultrasound (doppler) as well as numerous blood tests. I am trying an allergy free diet now, but still have a little amount of raw cow and goat's milk. Could that possibly cause this? What about mold allergy? I finally went to a naturopath, she put me on adrenals for exhaustion, grape leaf for possible Lyme's disease, and liver/kidney homeopathic plus a probiotic for immune help. I can hardly stand it anymore. I feel like I am dying. My head just twirls when I am on the computer, and then I have episodes of tiredness and lightheadedness. I am also constipated all the time. It is at the point where it is miserable to be alive. HELP PLEASE,with any ideas. God Bless.

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  • Did you ever have a brain CT?
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  • I"ve had many of your symptoms for a year then was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea...you might want to check into that.
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  • i really feel sorry about what you feel. but i read and hear a lot of similar cases. it looks like you are having anxiety or depression. please consult an expert on this.i had similar feelings like yours...you are not alone! there is hope.try this site...www.season.org.....Godbless!
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  • I totally feel your pain. Today I finally gave up, I have to go on disability from work. Ive been dealing with this problem since I was about 20 and now Im 30. I was diagnosed with having Menieres disease and I just dont buy it. Here are all the other symptoms I have. They could be totally unrealated, however, I figure I should list them all:Ive been getting heart flutteringconstant dizziness (worst of all)fluid when I put finger in earpressure in headanxiety (cased by symptoms)sore necksore lower backknee painwrist painvision problems (blurry, see colors)hair lossfeel like Im losing my mind sometimes (lost)no energy feeling of Impending Doomrash on chest/shoulders 2-3 red bloches that come in go DR said almost resembles ringworm.Have gotten several tests over last couple of years nothing except Creatine Kinase elavation.I'm depressed so often because of this problem. I constantly think of it now, it's ruining my life.Hang in there. we'll find out what this miserable thing is, I totally understand your frustration, and pain. I'm trying to make an appt with a Lyme DR, I have no where else to turn. :(
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  • Thanks for the support! I am so sorry to hear of your plight. Yours does sound more like possible Lyme disease. Have you ever been bitten by a tick, that you know of? If you find out anything, please let me know. Anyone else have weird, unexplainable dizziness?Mine also was wrongly diagnosed as Meiniere's. I am sick of the allopaths, they can't figure anything out. Hang in there.Lisa
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  • I have Arnold Chiari malformation. Dizziness and migraine-like headaches are fairly standard symptoms. If you've had an MRI of your brain done, ask for a copy of the radiologist's report and ask your doctor to review the films and check for Chiari. If you see something on the report that says "low-lying cerebellar tonsils" or "tonsils lying below the foramen magnum", that's Chiari malformation. Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of information out there for doctors about Chiari, and even fewer doctors who take the time to learn about these conditions that aren't very common.Even if you were told that everything was "okay" the first time, get a second opinion. I had 2 MRIs of my brain where I was told that everything was "normal". The Chiari malformation was evident in both of them, but the radiologists didn't even see it.Best of luck!
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  • Hello Lisa!I cry just reading this, I know how frustrating it is, really! I know this sounds crazy but I'm going to say it anyway. The problems that I have feels like an infection somewhere that the DR's aren't catching. Do you also have floaters and visual disturbances? Yesterday was a really bad day for me, when I was laying down in bed I felt like someone had their 2 hands on my face and pressing down. I also felt as though I was falling backwords. I don't experience vertigo, however it's more like rocking. At night it feels as though I'm sleeping in a boat. Sometimes just blowing my nose makes me dizzy also holding my breath for 5 seconds......I am going to fiure this out, I've been dealing with this for way too long. Do you also get heart palpitations or anything weird like that?Please know you're not a alone. We have to be persistant. I've been through countless DR's. I have a new DR that seems she understands and is trying to figure things out. Hang in there!
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  • www.ahummingbirdsguide.com all your sx are there and then some...check it out...mommy cat
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  • Two months ago I started to get dizzy. The dizziness came one day and didn't go away, it was there day and nigh. I also got blurred vision some times, at times only in one eye, and, for the first time in my life, I got panic attacks, all completely out of the blue. I went to see many doctors, an ear-nose-throat specialist, a neurologist...I had all kinds of test and they told me I had an anxiety disorder and needed medication. By mere chance a friend of mine read me an article from the Balance and Dizziness Society of Vancouver (balanceanddizziness.org) that talked about blurred vision, anxiety and dizziness all related to having the first and second vertebrae of the neck out of place.Fortunately for me, I went to see a chiropractor that very day, though I had no hope of recovery because I didn't feel any pain in my neck.I had lots of anxiety and was willing to take the medication just to feel better. I thought I was going crazy.But the chiropractor explained to me that my neck was really out, and that the squishing of the vertebrae was causing the blurred vision in one or both eyes (it was even one of the questions in the questionnaire, "do you experience blurred vision in one or both eyes"), and that the anxiety was caused by the nervous system sending a "fight or flight" signal on it own, on and on, with no external reason.He told me I had a chronic back condition, though I had no back or neck pain, and asked me to give him 10 sessions without taking the medication. Well, I have gone there 3 times and I feel so good, 80% better. I am not dizzy, I have no anxiety, and no blurred vision.Without this chiropractor I would be on meds, thinking I am crazy.Please consider trying a chiropractor, it saved my life! I hope this helps.Venus
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    • September 20, 2007
    • 09:35 PM
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  • I had dizziness, vertigo symtoms and I went to the emergency room and they gave me MECLIZINE and it worked and you still have to work on what you eat try to eat when you are hungry and especially in the mornings.
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    • September 29, 2007
    • 04:49 PM
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