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Dizziness Since November 2010, Please Help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 6, 2011
  • 02:47 AM

My Symptoms

*Constant dizziness*: Constant swaying feeling in my body, when I stand it feels like I am rocking back and forth, or side-to-side. Usually not a “spinning” dizziness, but have had episodes of the spins. Less noticeable when I am doing physical activities. Ears do not feel constantly clogged, but they are not completely clear, either. No hearing loss; VNG test came back normal.

No headaches, although my aunt suffers from migraines. Possible migraine-associated-vertigo, without headaches? I do not have any motion sickness, although I am scared to get on a boat.

I do not think the dizziness started on Thanksgiving, but I do think it became noticeable. I have had a general “off” feeling like this before, but never as severe. I am constantly aware of it, and anxiety/stress DEFINITELY makes it worse (although I am positive it’s not the cause, because I’ve felt it while not thinking/worrying about it at all). I do not have any major stressors in my day-to-day life. Could be a pinched nerve in my neck? I have NOT had any scans of my neck.

Small bouts of dizziness have occurred while eating different foods..cookies, meat (carne asada), and fruit salad.

I feel a “pulse” in my head, particularly on the back left side of my neck. It feels almost as if I have been exercising, without having actually exercised. When I am actually exercising and my blood pressure goes up, my dizziness seems to decrease.


Brain Surgery: (Age 9): Benign brain tumor removed from my brain stem (non-malignant epidermoid cyst)


Thanksgiving day: After eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and drinking two cups of coffee during night time, I had an intense spinning sensation, followed by vomiting, flush face, and nausea. This lasted all night, and in the morning I felt fine. I am not caffeine-sensitive, and don’t believe this was attributable to the caffeine.

Thanksgiving day – Christmas break: General feeling of *dizziness (constant) but slight* Panic attack: worried my brain tumor was back.

~December 14th: Sinus infection? Feeling of fullness in the ears, still *constant dizziness*. No fever/aches/any other symptoms of a cold.

~December 21st: Visit to Primary Doctor: Prescribed sinus medicines and was told it was an inner ear virus or sinus infection. Sinus medicines did not help (OTC Sudafed and Claritin I believe)

Late December: : Dr. Jones looked in my ears, did not perform any tests. Listened to my symptoms and immediately said that it was NOT an ear problem, since I was not experiencing “spinning” dizziness constantly, and I could still balance correctly. Told me to get blood work done, because he believed it was NOT an ear-related problem.

Late December: Primary doctor: Blood work, results came back normal. Referred to a Neurologist


First week of January: : Did not think it was a brain tumor. Did another balance test, neurological exam, and BPPV test (laying on a table and moving my head to different positions). Attributed it to allergies and prescribed Alegra. (Alegra made symptoms 2x worse)

February: MRI of Brain (with and without contrast): No abnormalities/Everything normal

5/13/2011: Attack of *spinning* dizziness after successfully popping left ear. Panic attack followed as dizziness increased. Took .25mg of Xanax, which calmed me down enough to go to sleep.

5/16/2011: Chiropractor Appointment: Took X-Rays of neck and spine

5/17/2011: Appointment : Audio test came out normal, pressure and fluid in both eardrums is fine. Doctor ordered VNG test to determine if problem is central or ear-related

5/17/201als1: Chiropractor Appointment: X-ray results: Lower spine is curved; Neck needs adjustment. Doctor thinks it’s a pinched nerve (Stopped seeing Chiropractor)

5/24/2011: ENT Appointment: VNG test performed—Results: NORMAL (Received 6/02)

And I have an appointment with a 2nd neurologist next Wednesday. If anyone can shed some light on what could be causing this, I would appreciate it! I have been keeping busy the past few days and have not noticed it much at all EXCEPT after I eat. I am in good health (23 year old male/standard weight) and I exercise pretty frequently. I also do not eat unhealthy foods like fast-food, but do not have a *perfect* diet. I'm thinking it could be a vitamin deficiency?

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