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  • Posted By: sputter9
  • May 6, 2007
  • 07:02 PM

Hi I am 23 Male, and i am not sure whats going on with me. I have had 2 CT Scans a chest xray and bloodwork done. Everything looks great. Here are the symptoms.

A month ago i started getting headaches and my throat started tightening up at about halfway through the day. Those headaches and throat issues eventually started to last all day. I also began with some drainage in the back of my throat. The doctors thought it was a sinus infection. when the headaches got worse, and i began feeling dizzy i started to experience chest pain and dificulty breathing - that may have been panic attacks. But i would get up and feel dizzy and need to take deep breaths. When i would get the the ER i would have a perfect pulse and temp, and i would not have any of those symptoms but the headache and throat discomfort.

I was given Rhinocort for the sinuses, and lorazepam for the anxiety.

I have stopped taking both as i no longer feel the drainage. And the anxiety is now in control.

However, i started feeling pins and needles in my tongue, lips, eyelids, neck, right hands, arms, feet and legs. I also feel very disoriented especially after i eat. I experience back spasams and shooting pains in my abs randomly through the day. My headaches have reduced greatly and i only feel mini migranes when i make sudden movements or randomly. My throat is also somewhat improved, but still is sensitive and sore/tight.My right arm constantly feels numb and it only takes seconds for a limb to fall asleep if my legs are crossed or if pressed against a surface. Even if i am just wearing shoes my feet fall asleep. When i wake up in the morning my mouth is dry and my tongue is swollen and asleep and pins and needles. Also usually my right hand is asleep. Its hard to eat a full meal, and i begin to get disoriented/confused/scared. The right side of my face almost feels swollen, and it just feels like i have bad circulation. An echocardiogram was done, but that came back normal. When i look in the mirror i can see my neck expand and contract to my pulse, i hope that is normal. Anyway, i have a few follow up appointments this week, and i was hoping this forum could help.

Once again, my complaints is the swollen feeling / headaches, the pins and needles throughout my body and tongue /face, and the back and abdominal spasams/pains. and disoriented / dizzy feeling.


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  • Albany...mommy catI've so far heard from NY,PA,CA,WA,OH,MD,MA,WV,Fl and even Austrialia, United Kingdom and SpainKnow thisIn the 80's there was an ME outbreakwhat did they do with those people? they weren't quarantinedyet they had a contagious communicable disease spread as easily as the common coldA Pediatrician in Upstate NY documented cases of children in the 80's when outbreak occuredLos Angeles also documented their casesMontel Williams did a show on Tuesday regarding a "sudden surge" of Fibromyalgia in LosAngelesI asked my doc if Fibromyalgia could, in fact, just be a mild form of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis...see the connection? I'm a nurse, I didme, my cousin, sister in law and her sister all have ME symptoms to varying degrees...mine being the worstmy mother, my cousin's mother and sister in laws mother all previously diagnosed with FibromyalgiaSo, you see...location had nothing to do with it...this is PandemicPlease keep in touch...I will even give you my phone number if you would like to talkI feel like a "One Woman Band on World Tour" right nowneed support from others if we are going to do something about thisIt's time...I'm rallying the troops...let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mommy cathttp://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/images/misc/progress.gif
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  • Dan...visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com you are not alonethousands on this site alone with similar symptoms this is not a jokeI'm a nursebeen sick a long timeseen every doc known to mankindthere was an outbreak in 80's PLEASE read where I've posted...you'll get the picture...mommy cat
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  • Hi Mommy Cat.5 weeks in - still have the headache, feels more like a tension headache - like my head is in a vice and being squeezed. My throat and neck continue to feel tight like a terrible strain. I wake up each morning to numbness in my hands, my arms and legs seem to go to pins and needles very easily. My right hand and arm, and my right leg and foot seem to feel numb almost all day. I have also noticed what seem to be small lipomas, in the back of my knee, abdomen and neck. But every part of my body just seems to ache at different times. (chest, leg, neck, head). I am going to a neurologist and my doctor thinks i should see a psychiatrist.I feel healthy though, not sick, plenty of energy. I will check out your link. Jus
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  • plenty of energy====agitated exhaustion I have it too...everyday take hummingbird site info to doc...I did and now am being tested hate to say it...there are countless something to do with 80's outbreak?? trying to put it all together seems so impossibe...yet here it all is...mommy cat
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  • Jus...you can e-mail me at bentnoteblues@netscape.net I'm willing to help...if your willing to listen...nite...mommy cat
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  • If you still have those symptoms or found what causes them please reply to this message.I had been having the same symptoms and will like to know what to do.
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  • get off the sucralose, splenda and aspartame- found in diet sodaseverything really, even in gum and children's vitamins : \read labels and do not eat this stuff anymore it is poison and it sounds like you have most of the symptomsread about them on the internet check the symptoms for each one- disregard the Industry(company who made the product) advertisements on different sites that tell you they are safe - there are enough testimonials and people who will tell you on facebook groupsyoutubeand google that they were harmed by them and know because they were where you are and stopped eating them and now are better.Trial and error, they learned what was causing them these problems- now you know too!
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