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Digestive Problem

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 21, 2009
  • 06:58 PM

Hi I've been having a lot of troubles for a while with something in my digestive system.

19-yr-old Canadian male, no drug abuse, only arthritis in family medical history, no (diagnosed) chronic conditions, no STDs, nothing else that I think would cause this.


Diarrhea (the main symptom)
No mucous or blood, but I am partially colour blind, so either could conceivably be present in small amounts.

Any pressure on the outside of my stomach feels extremely uncomfortable.

Abdominal pain
Mainly tightness, sometimes cramps and other pain.

*Usually symptoms are mild and constant. but spike after i eat (within 30 minutes).

All symptoms have gotten progressively worse over the past 2 years, especially in the last few months.

First time feeling all of these symptoms was after I ate undercooked meat (probably pork or beef).

Before this, I used to have a very high dietary constitution.

Other symptoms which are probably irrelevant to this condition, but might be worth mentioning:
High blood sugar level (although not at a diabetic level)
Alcohol flush reaction
I also have to urinate much more often than the average person. I don't know if this started with my symptoms, or if I've always been like this.

Here's the problem that interferes with my life:
No diet change appears to be able to fix this (I have tried taking many foods out of my diet, putting them back in, etc., and nothing helps)

I have narrowed down a bunch of food into certain categories; "bad food" is food that increases my symptoms, and "good food" is food that doesn't negatively affect me:
At one point in my life I was fine with every food listed below:
Bad food:
gassy foods
heavy/undercooked meats (meat must be well done, not even medium)
Several things that I've eaten in large quantities my whole life, such as:
peanut butter sandwiches
sugary snacks: pop tarts, chocolate
dairy products
rice (in large quantities)
chicken fingers

Good food:
Anything deep fried
McDonald's or other fast food
pizza/pizza pockets
pita pit/subway
High-fibre cereals, eg: special k (especially red berries)
even with milk
banana (but only if just ripe, not if brown at all)
other fresh fruit
tuna (canned)
frozen vegetables
well-cooked ground meat/chicken breast
sauces, condiments (eg: soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonaise)

And yes, you're reading that correctly. Plain white rice and milk (I have always been EXTREMELY lactose tolerant (not intolerant) are bad, but beer and fast food are good.

Doesn't make any sense to me, and I haven't found a solution online. Hopefully someone can help me.

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  • Hello,Since this all started shortly after eating undercooked pork or beef, have you been tested for any parasitic infections?Ecoli is pretty common in both beef and pork, I am not sure if Salminella is an issue for either of these. Also...how soon after eating this under cooked meat did the symptoms start? How were you able to relate or determine this undercooked meat as a possible cause? Was this undercooked meat something from a home or a business? And if you are saying this undercooked meat was/is a possible cause...then do you remember what kind of meat and how it was served? Have you had any blood work or stool tests done? Also are you saying that you became suddenly lactose intolerant?If so that is something I am experiencing too! Suddenly in August I became no longer able to consume dairy as it causes a good deal of digestive upset and so now I have switched to a non dairy milk alternative. Are there any other foods that you seem to be intolerant of?What does your average day consist of dietary wise?...Meaning...what do your meals consist of in an average day and when do you normally eat/how often? Best Wishes!Samantha
    Thursdaysmagic 22 Replies
    • November 23, 2009
    • 02:20 AM
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  • Hi, I'm not lactose intolerant, but my constitution for non-milk dairy products has gone way down (ie: yogurt, some cheese)I've thought about a parasitic infection as well, but it seems odd that the symptoms would be worse 2 years after I ate that meat than they were anywhere within those 2 years. But no, I haven't been tested for parasites.The meat was at a cook-it-yourself restaurant (they bring all the meat you want to the table, and you cook it to your liking).. I, obviously, undercooked my own meat. Symptoms started as I was finishing the meal.. very violent and, to reiterate, completely unlike anything I've experienced before. Symptoms have always come on as I am finishing eating or immediately after I am done.The average day I'll have some fruit, cereal (with milk), meat (either ground meat, or a can of tuna, usually), mixed vegetables, a sandwich of some kind, and usually an unhealthy snack (like fast food, or something similar). My diet hasn't changed a lot for a long, long, time (since before I started having problems). Thanks for the response, the earliest I could get an appointment with my doctor is in January (walk-in clinics have proved useless), and I'm looking for anything that I can ask him about what's going on. I'll be sure to ask about parasites.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 24, 2009
    • 02:11 AM
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  • Well if you are looking for things to look into or read about, I have a few suggestions. You could do some online research and see what may or may not apply to you. But here is a list of all that I can think of off the top of my head that causes Digestive Problems. ParasitesCandidaFood Allergies/IntolerancesCeliacs DiseaseUlcersEtc. I am not sure if you are having any Indigestion?Heartburn? Etc?If you are having anything along those lines you could look into too much or too little stomach acid. Sorry I am not more help.Best WishesSamantha
    Thursdaysmagic 22 Replies
    • November 25, 2009
    • 02:26 AM
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