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Digestive Complications From Imperforate Anus At Birth

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  • Posted By: Unhealthydigestion
  • December 26, 2013
  • 02:49 PM

Disclaimer: This is an in-depth and descriptive post, but I need help optimizing my health.

Situation: I am a 21 year old male who was born with an imperforate anus. Surgery was completed at birth in order to create an opening, but obviously it has left me with some damage to the anus area. It seems as though the anal opening is never fully contracted and thus closed. Likewise, the opening is not very flexible, as evidenced by rather thin and long stool (as compared to my understanding of the norm). My assumption is that this is due to a lack of normally developmental elasticity, due to the opening being created via surgery. To my knowledge, I have no food allergies (such as gluten or lactose) that may cause digestive issues.

Symptoms: As a child, my sphincter muscles were very weak, but have since improved a good amount due to the performance of anal kegels. I am predisposed to constipation. A need to go to the washroom is frequent because stool does not build up as much. Since the anus doesn't appear automatically fully contracted, involuntary passage of stool will often cause mild leakage. Obviously my ideal situation would be to go to the washroom perhaps twice a day, and have a complete fecal evacuation of the rectum. Another thing I noticed is that I generally produce a lot of mucus, as evidenced by constant nasal congestion, and by mucus-like anal discharge, leaving an awkward 'wet' feeling around the anus.

Typical Diet: My diet mostly includes any types of meats, vegetables, and fruits, a little bit of dairy through yogurt, cheese, and chocolate, and carbohydrate laden food such as cereals, bread, rice, and oatmeal.

Attempted Treatment: In addition to the anal kegels, I have used many supplements to assist with my issues, and a lot have helped. Being born via C-section, my intestinal flora is sub-optimal, so I supplement with about 24bil probiotic cultures per day (perhaps a higher count would benefit). This has helped a good amount. I take about a tablespoon of fish oil per day (providing a large 3,750 mg of Omega-3, and a tablespoon of flax seeds per day for it's fiber content (again, more might be beneficial). I have used magnesium to relieve muscle cramps, but not to loosen up stool, and don't know whether I should take it for this purpose. I have avoided digestive enzymes, seeing as I figured due to only being 21, it would be necessary (what is your opinion?). Finally, I do occasionally intermittent fast, and try to eat fewer larger meals as opposed to frequent smaller meals. I have heard this may be good for digestion, and would be interested in any opinions on that topic.

Thank you very much for any insight that you can provide. This issue has negatively impacted me my entire life and correcting would drastically improve my quality of life.

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