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  • Posted By: Confused4Now
  • September 16, 2009
  • 03:47 AM

30 year old male, 5'10", 165 lb. Single/Never Married

The men/women in my family are healthy and physically strong, with moderate to large bone structures. We have no history of fatigue or depression whatsoever. We have no history whatsoever of cancer or psychological problems.

· Chronic/Constant Severe Fatigue (lasting over 11 years, progressive.)

Psychosomatic Symptoms

Psychological Pain- tangible physiological pain/sinking feeling.
Frequent headaches (feel like dehydration, but I’m not dehydrated)
Deep seated feeling that something serious is wrong
Negative thinking/feelings
feelings of extreme distress
Sex problems
Elevated Heart Rate (resting rate of 90, 180-200 bpm with exercise).
Kidney Stones
Stomach Ulcers
Fluctuating personality traits
Sense of impending doom/death

Poor bladder control until age 18
Feminine interpersonal traits (passivity, dependency, relational focus)
Developmental Problems (abnormally small bones, sexual underdevelopment,
Cognitive Dysregulation- Verbal IQ = 131 (98%)
- Performance IQ = 99 (47%)
- Processing Speed = 114 (82%)
- Perceptual Organization = 95 (37%)emotional/mental weakness)
Short-term memory almost non-existent (Long-term memory is excellent).

Parasympathetic nervous system essentially not responsive (Age 28)

No “adrenaline rush”, “fight or flight” whatsoever.

Inability to comprehend reading problems, or intricate verbal conversation.

Confined to bed for a 2 1/2 month period (Age 28).

Grinding of teeth, both day and night.

Delayed onset of puberty

Incomplete growth spurt (felt like something was missing).

Sexual overstimulation began at age 16, has not subsided.

Genital underdevelopment (3.5 in. erect, extremely thin).

Solely Heterosexual, but not attracted to women sexually.

Unusual responses to stress, various coping mechanisms

Exercise makes fatigue worse; dietary changes don't dent the problem.

Current Medications
1. 300 mg. Wellbutrin
2. 60 mg. Cymbalta
3. 60 mg. Vyvanse

Former Medications
1. Abilify
2. Sybyax
3. Zyprexa
4. Prozac
5. Seroquel

Note: Mood stabilizers, even in small dosages, greatly magnified fatigue/depressioin.

Possible Causes Ruled Out (Test):
1. Brain Tumor (Standard MRI of Head)
2. Thyroid Problem (Multiple Blood Tests)
3. Testosterone Deficiency (Metabolic Blood Test)
4. Anemia (CBC, MBP Blood tests)
5. Heart Problem (Cardiologist-Echocardiogram, Stress Tests, MRI)
6. Parasite Infection (Stool O & P)
7. Alcoholism (No drinking)
8. Drug Addiction (No drug use)
9. Brain Function (QEEG)- showed excessive alpha waves, indicate fatigue/depress.
11. Kidney Problems (MBP Blood Work)
13. Diabetes (MBP Blood Work)
14. Sodium Deficiency (CBC Blood Work)
15. Potassium Deficiency (CBC Blood Work)
15. Liver Problem (MBP Blood Work)
16. Colon Cancer (X-Ray of Lower Abdomen)
17. Moral problems (Religious education, Spiritual maturity)
18. Mere Psychological Problems (5 years counseling, non-AA 12 step group w/ sponsorship, compete psychic evaluations by 3 psychiatrists in different locations, and a family doctor. One thought Schizoaffective disorder, another bipolar with mixed episodes, the other severe depression/fatigue. Upon administration of medication over 2 year period, psychotic symptoms have improved, but the underlying problem is still progressing. Psychotropic medications merely mask a portion of the symptoms, but have created improvement.

Possible Causes (Mere Speculation):
1. Adrenal Cancer
2. Chemical Poisoning (No history or rememberance of this)
3. Genetic disease/fault
4. Endocrine system imbalance (Blood tests came up normal)
5. Neurological disorder
6. Unidentified Cancer
7. Inability to metabolize nutrients/energy

1. What next? Endocrinologist, Neurologist, Oncologist, Genetics/Metabolism Specialist?

To whomever reads this, thank you for your time!

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  • Were you on medications as a child? Certain medicines can *****d growth and such so it could account for delays. In any case really look into the side-effects of the medicines you have been taking, they can do strange things my husband is now on something that can make his penis crooked, go figure. Do you have any deformities? Have you done genetic testing? You said you had a small penis but are your balls small as well? Do you have any problem with sexual function? Sperm production and sperm count? I was a bit confused at one point, so I'll ask like this (sorry if these questions are too personal btw) how is your sex drive? You produce testosterone at appropriate levels you said but do you have any type of insensitivity to the hormone? Do you have any female characteristics, such as enlarged breasts, or rounded hips? I have learning disabilities so my intellgience tests also show me to be all over the place with huge discrepancies only for me I seem to be performing above my own potential. Do you ever feel that maybe you are supposed to be a woman?This list a monster but it does have some syndromes and such that result in a small penis but a lot of them seem to come with deformities and mental retardation, but it might be something you can look at just the same. I am not a doctor but don't give up if you feel something is wrong, then keep talking till you find a doctor who listens. I mean its your body you know if it doesn't feel right.http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/symptoms/male_sexual_symptoms/common.htm
    kesaiserris 35 Replies
    • September 19, 2009
    • 10:39 AM
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  • I think the meds you are on could definetly be causing or at least exacerbating your psychological symptoms. Psychosomatic implies you are making them up so clearly you have been to enough doctors to start questioning your own symptoms. I believe you are suffering from something physiological you cannot completely control, but I do not know exactly what. Understand that by feeling like your body and your mind are not working together and experiencing so many symptoms, you are going to naturally feel sad, depressed, and want/need to stay in bed. I don't know that you should expect one diagnosis like lyme disease to just fix everything; so, if you find relief from one medication then stick to that while you continue to answer the other untreated symptoms.I agree your adrenals need to be checked. If you are having problems with energy and no fight/flight response, then I might expect your blood work to show low DHEA levels relating to your adrenal output and high chortisol levels, which would/could lead to Cushings disease. An endocrinologist may be the best person to have read your blood results. Also check for any vitamin or electrolyte deficiencies. The other poster made a good point in checking your hormonal levels = testerone, progesterone, estrogen (I think you can get estrogen spikes from too much soy?)With the exercise induced asthma symptoms and problems with diet and energy, you may want to look at neurally mediated hypotension which can be helped with a beta-blocker. It won't solve everything, but it may make some of your symptoms more bareable.I wish you well and hope some of this helps.
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    • October 5, 2009
    • 01:13 AM
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