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Diagnosed with Astigmatism. Severe ghosting, even with new glasses.

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  • Posted By: leeshlain
  • April 22, 2010
  • 07:44 PM

I really need help. I am very scared and worried about my health and nobody around me is taking me seriously because I am something of a hypochondriac. All I can do anymore is google brain tumors and MS and I just want to know what is going on and what I should do about it.

For the last few months I have noticed ghosting. It is present in both eyes and it does not go away if I close one or the other (though sometimes I think it is worse in the right eyes). It only occurs when I am looking at a lighter colored object on a darker background. When I am in daylight I see perfectly fine. I first noticed this when I was gluing a white piece of paper to a black piece of mat board and I saw a pale, ghostly line across the area where the two colors met.

Since then I have noticed it mostly when reading bright colored font against a black background. I see ghosts of the letters above the letters themselves. When I read any color font on a grey or white background it is not there. I have also noticed it on light colored objects in a dim room, against a dark background, or at night time. I have a yellow colored mascara tube and if I set it against my black TV set I can see a ghostly exentsion of the top of the mascara tube. It is usually only very noticable if I strain my eyes to see it or focus on the top of the tube for a little while. If I am driving at night I sometimes see ghosting around bright colored signs.

I recently went to a new eye doctor and received a full eye exam and she told me I had astigmatism. I thought my problem was solved and I was very excited to receive my new glasses. When I came back to pick up the new glasses I got my eyes dilated and had a visual field test because glaucoma runs in my family. I did very well on the visual field test and she said that my eyes looked very healthy. She tested me for glaucoma and my pressure was 23, but she wasn't too worried about it and said I could wait another year before coming back.

I have been wearing my new glasses and the ghosting is still present. If Anything, I notice it more than I did before. Today I went over to my friend's house (which was very dimly lit) and just about every light colored object had a ghost image around it. The white lettering on her TV looked doubled to me the entire time I was there.

I am very scared and I don't know what to do about this. I have read so many possibilities for what this could be and I haven't got the money to keep going to all of these doctors. Nobody takes me seriously and my parents are scolding me for looking up medical issues on the internet. Should I demand an MRI?

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  • Try using some eye drops and stop worrying so much as it does nothing but worsen an illness if you have one. Any other symptoms besides "ghosting"?
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  • Hello, do not worry a lot i have had this problem of ghosting about 2 months now and i fell that it wors at night with light trafics and every thong lightning just like you, what is impotant is to get cheked by an opthamologist by dialating your eyes and if every thing is ok then you should stop worrying and try to solve the problem by maybe contact lenses or changing your corrections any way for me i will visit my doct tomorrow to discuss my problem of ghosting and i will let you know what he says good luck :)
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