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diagnose me......any ideas

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 13, 2007
  • 06:54 PM

i am a 31 year old female and for the last year i have had a number of things wrong..my full list of symptoms are
pain under right rib...had gall bladder removed pain continued
irritable bowel symptoms
pain in neck and shoulders
pain in leg joints...groin
restless leg syndrome....twitching legs
back pain upper and lower
pins and needles mainly right arm and hand
weakness in arms and legs

i dont have all these syptoms at once ,they seem to take turns ,i have had various lab tests done all came back negative,i have also had Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and an endoscopy both with negative results..does anyone no what this could be please.....

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  • I feel for you this sounds just like whats happening to me its been 6 months for me and still no diagnosis,good luck
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  • I have similar issues going on, a year and 3 months for me, I'm a bit better, but not the same...I have been wondering about environment/contageous infection. So just out of curiosity, what state are you guys from? Me - New York State - I've had every freakin test imaginable, you name, I had it...more recently HIV after 1 year of last partner - negative, thyroid neg, lime, neg, cbc normal, cholesterol a bit over normal. Anything anyone has to offer would help. I also have dry mouth bad, and pains in my upper back..
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  • Lyme Disease and co ifnections, dosen't always show up in blood work, cause its through the whole body. Need the western blot test and part of the dx goes by symptoms. The east coast is crawling with it!! It took me 15 yrs to finally get dx'd with it. Check out this site for lots of help and info lymenet.org
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  • please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com all of your symptoms are there in USA...ME is called Chronic Fatigue Syndromeplease visit www.ncf.net.org it will give you info as well on the hummingbird siteread whole symptoms pageread medical factsread myths look around this site where I have posted...you will find countless like you and me having same/similar symptoms the numbers are staggering you are not alone...mommy cat'
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  • Good suggestion to get tested for Lyme. It is a great imitator. However, I suggest not using the western blot and only using Bowen lab and / or Igenex. The Western blot shows many false negatives. Yes, in the US ME is called FM. A great internet friend in FL (trained to be a naturopathic doctor but too sick to do that now) researches a lot and is exceptionally bright. She was misdiagnosed for 15 years (CFS) and when she finally got tested correctly it was Lyme. She feels if all FMers were correctly tested, 90% would shoe Lyme positive. She has also forwarded evidence to me that Multiple Sclerosis, in most cases, is Lyme. So perhaps ME, if tested correctly by Bowen or Igenex, will show that in many cases it is Lyme. Mommycat, this is what I was trying to communicate about Lyme - the second great imitator. Sorry for any confusion.
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  • Ralph...Lyme comes from Ticks right what are the chances that thousands of people in this country have all been bit by ticks??? what then are the odds that most caught a contagious virus similar to the flu?? my odds are not with the ticks I'm not saying everyone has ME Your not saying everyone has Lyme Let's find some common groundthe numbers are staggeringyou can't imagine the people I've heard from alreadyall agesall sexesall racesall religions it does not discriminate Thank you for the info regarding Lyme...I'm sure there are people in this forum who actually have Lyme...it's just so many are responding regarding the ME that it is overwhelming...Be Well Ralph and keep the info coming...there are many people who need it...Best of luck...mommy cat
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  • Lyme is not just from ticks. It essentially comes from many different types of animals and other areas. The bacteria that is Lyme has a numer of variations, and it has evolved over time to deal with many types of hosts. The problem with testing for it correctly is that it can change its shape or form in about one second, so the body has great difficulty finding it. It is a stealth bacteria that has learned to fool our immune system (and those that test immune systems) and fool it well. Again, Bowen and Igenex are the only ways to test effectively for it. Do you have or can you get these tests in England ? If ME is CFS / FM and those two are mostly Lyme, then isn't ME = Lyme ?
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  • Hi, some of your symptoms are similar to mine. I finally convinced the doctor to check for Celiac Disease (gluton) and am waiting results. Have you checked that? Anjya
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  • I am trying to tell everyone...look around this site everyone is posting on threads because they have similar symptoms there are countless people on this site having M.E. symptoms in USA we call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-the name is misleading USA does not recognize neurological symptoms associated with thisonly physical ones...they call it CFS I have several neurological symptoms ever occur to anyone that we are all in the same boatwith the same symptomswith no diagnosiswith having to go to every doc on earthwith most of us being accused of psych problems??? PLEASE look at hummingbird sitePlease write down every symptom you havethey are all there...trust me...I live with most dailyI'm being tested right nowdocs have exhausted every avenueI found info myself google "symptom checkers"put in symptomsdiarrhea, painful joints, muscle twitching,back pain, pins and needles,fatigue,nausea know that these appear, disappear and reappear...no wonder docs can't figure us out either Countless have taken this info to docsPerhaps we will all get the CDC to change the name back to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis...the World Health Organization calls it thatbut the USA changed the name in the 80's...there was a HUGE outbreak then...several family memebers and school mates are just realizing they have sx and all of our mothers have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia Trust me...it's all there...look for yourself...I'm not crazyI'm a nurse who has become a very sick little girl...mommy cat
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  • Ralph...the more I look into all this...the more I find never knew Lyme could come from anything other than ticksnever knew about stealth virusesnever know that they are becoming smarter than usnever knew some were undetectible perhaps when you suggest Lyme to people...you should throw that inI've been a nurse a long time and never knew the info you just gave me My thoughts remain with ME due to the fact there was an outbreak in the 80'sseveral friends/family with symptoms...all went to same school...all out mothers live in same small town and all have fibromyalgiajust found out yesterdaythat CFS and Fibro are overlapping diseasesMy thought is Fibromyalgia is a mild form of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis my doc can't rule it out as a possibility 20 yrs after outbreak of ME, we are seeing symptoms20 yrs after outbreak in 80's...when LA was hit hardestLA has a sudden surge in Fibromyalgia...coincidence?? Why do we have all of theese docs and it took a little pee-on LPN from Eat Podunk NY to figure this all out??Sounds crazy, I know but the pieces are fitting so nicely into this little puzzle of the universeRalph, thank you for the info...keep passing it on...someone will need itBe Well...mommy cat
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  • Ralph...please contact your internet friend in FL...please let her know what is happening in this forum PLEASE give her my e-mail address which is bentnoteblues@netscape.net I am more interested in knowing about the Lyme...stealth viruses and so on I've known for a long time that viruses and bacteria would eventually become more resistant...never thought they'd become undetectable God Bless Ralph...mommy cat
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  • All of you . . . CHECK OUT CANDIDA ALBICANS BACTERIAL OVERGROWTH. i think you will find all your symptoms relate to eating the wrong foods ie. far too much sugar / yeasts) Nutritionalist, ERIKA WHITE is saving my life at the moment. I live next door to someone with M.E. Thats how I got to this site. I think its contageous.
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  • Dear unregistered, candida overgrowth happens with many people. Not just people with ME/CFS. If a body cannot process sugar, it ferments and creates yeast. It is best to stay away from refined sugar and processed foods, especially "white" forms containing carbohydrates.I believe many people are overweight from the prevelance of candida. It is a cycle. The candida makes you crave sweets, carbs. When you eat them, it creates more candida and you are gaining more weight.Congrats on finding someone to help you with this and I hope you are feeling better soon.May I also suggest for you and your friend, NAET or Bioset therapy.I am a medical professional who has been sick for a long time. Just recently diagnosed with CFS. It was pretty severe for a while. I have attended 4 treatments and my symptoms are 70%-80% better than they were. It is a form of accupressure (chiropractic) and deals with electromagnetic fields of the body, which everyone knows exists.Wishing you and your friend health and happiness...and tell Erica White she is doing good work...mommy cat:D
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  • Look up Graves disease.
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  • I entered "pain under the ribs", and Graves disease popped up. Now that I see the site, your symptoms don't really match much. Sorry
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