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diagnos me please...

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  • Posted By: idontknow_7
  • March 15, 2007
  • 01:58 AM

Ok all you jr docs out there ... here is a list of my symptoms that i have been dealing with for over 10 years... since the doctors cant seem to tell me what is wrong maybe someone out there has some of the same stuff...

muscle pain any where any place at any given time
can not walk up stairs
swollen ankles/feet that comes and goes
pneunomia with ards twice
tremors head, hands, legs, face.. diagnosed with benign essential tremor
diagnosed with fibro
sleep apnea
feel like I have a bladder infection or kidney infection but dont
spasms in my stomach area that takes away my breath but last for only about 20 minutes then leaves

and so on and so on and so on...

I have had ever blood test known to man kind and it seems I am healthy as I can be... good grief! doctors have ruled out MS and Lupus... and a whole lot of other things I dont even know how to spell... so if anyone out there has some of the same things I would like to at least feel I am not alone here! I am tired of going from doc to doc and being dismissed!


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  • There are actually some senior docs here. I repeat this over and over on this site, but see little action. Beginning to feel it is a waste of time to post here. Get a lyme test NOT from anyone local. Find a lyme literate doc at www.lymenet.org that uses Bowen lab for testing.
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  • Are you male or female? What is your age? Are you currently on any medications? Some medications may be causing some of your symptoms - I am certainly not saying it is the cause of all of your problems, but it could be contributing to some of them. How is your digestion? Any gas/bloating/constip/diarrhea? How often do you get the stomach area spasms? daily? Few times a week?You mentioned urinary symptoms. Do you feel you have retention of urine? Any frequency? Urgency? Any night urination? Dark colored urine? Have you considered trying an alternative practitioner to help you with this? A good naturopath, Oriental medical doctor could shed some new light on your symptoms and may point you in a new direction for diagnosis. In Chinese medicine you are showing some Liver yin deficiency with liver wind stirring up. But a qualified acupuncturist would go into much greater detail on your condition and come up with a treatment plan that may really help you. Visit www.acufinder.com for more info on this form of medicine. Best wishesDOM
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  • :confused: senior doc..I was negative for lyme disease from a local test but tell me what you know about this... moderatly high IgG levels with antibodies for Thermoactinomyces vulgaris and Micropolyspora faeni... that is what my test results show as of yesterday... if anyone else out there knows what this means I would appreciate your insight...
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  • Please Listen to Ralph"s advice. Lyme dosen't always show up in blood tests. If you had the elshia test, thats known for false negs. Some of us have been through hades and back with all " normal test results", to find out yrs later we have had undx'd Lyme. Some that have been dx'd with Ms, Lupus and many other things, actually have Lyme and or coinfections. Took almost 10 yrs for them to finally figure all my symptoms out, after 20 yrs of being sick with all the "strange symptoms". They eventually learned it wasn't all in my head. Lyme has coinfections too, like babesia or bartonellia. One of the co infections does cause nightsweats. Go to the suggested site,there is alot of info there. Good Luck ~~Dee
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