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Developing Food Sensitivities, Pains, Doctors Wont Help

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  • Posted By: KippySmith
  • October 27, 2012
  • 11:31 PM


About two years ago, I began to develop food sensitivities/allergies. It started with just dairy, and it took me a few months to fully catch on to what was happening. All I knew was that I would randomly get a weird feeling in my head, start feeling completely disconnected and unhappy (smiling is the most impossible thing to do when I feel this way), I'd become very dehydrated, the dehydration would lead to nausea and a ton of mucus would form and I'd feel extremely sick for hours. I kept ingesting dairy until I became extremely ill from it (fevered, confused, nauseated for about a day straight, etc), until I eventually I realized that dairy was doing this to me, and I stopped eating it, and switched my consumption of dairy products over to soy. I started drinking soy milk, and using it in baking, etc. This was fine for awhile, then a few months passed again, and soy started to bother me in the same way.

This process kept continuing on, and here we are two years later, and I now have more than a dozen things that bother me in this same way (though to varying degrees, some symptoms more pronounced with certain foods than with others, such as how citrus seemed to come on the fastest and strongest and now irritates me far more than any of the other things after I ingested a large amount of concentrated lemon juice over a week or two).

In addition with these food sensitivities/allergies, I also suffer from hypoglycemic and possibly hyperglycemic attacks. I became weak and shaky at times, extremely dehydrated, I crave sweets, I become very hungry, my eyes become blurry, and I've lost about 20 pounds. On top of that, I've developed a range of other symptoms, such as rapid hair loss, abdominal distension/swelling/pain, joint pain in my left wrist and thumb, and three knuckles in my right hand, blood flow issues (Raynauds syndrome that has been getting worse, feelings of poor blood flow through my body), erectile difficulty (I can get it up, but it goes soft within seconds if it's not constantly being stimulated), low to no libido, and God know's what else. Does anyone know what could possibly cause symptoms like this?

So, to sum up:
continually developing new food sensitivities/allergies
excess mucus
erectile difficulty
joint pain
extreme persistent nausea
anxiety (only relative to eating)
abdominal distension
my face is now covered in a red tinge, rosacea-like
swollen/painful bladder
heart palpitations
breathing issues

I've been tested for celiac, thyroid problems, diabetes, and cancer through blood and urine tests. Doctors seem to just keep saying things like "Oh just watch what you eat", but it's not that easy when everything that I eat I eventually become sensitive to.... My diet has become more and more restrictive, and it's getting to the point where I feel sick virtually all of the time, unless I'm only eating minimal amounts of low-carb foods like meat and vegetables, but that's an extremely difficult diet to stick to. I just want to feel normal again, but I'm starting to lose hope, because the doctors seem to think it's nothing major, and say that my blood tests have been flawless and I look like I'm in good health.... Anyone here have any idea what could be happening to me?

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