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  • Posted By: futuredci
  • January 30, 2011
  • 08:12 PM

Have had a series of symptoms for an extended period of time and despite seeing an army of doctors/specialists of all types, have not been able to pin point the cause(s) other than hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothyroidism) and general suggestion to lose weight, reduce stress. But after more than a year of thyroid replacement treatment and normal thryoid labs my symptoms are either no better or worse. I know that there is something more pernicious going on, nothing feels "right," just getting out of bed and getting through the day takes enormous energy, and at 35 I'm just not willing to accept that this is "normal." Symptoms include:
extreme fatigue (not sleepiness, but general persistent physical/mental fatigue almost to feeling of lethargy);
significant weight gain w no change in behavior or behavior changes intended to help lose weight (for example 30lb weight gain in 3 week period of time w. no behavior change);
significant water retention/edema (up multiple shoe sizes, feet, ankles, calves swell several inches from beginning to end of the day);
swelling/numbness/tingling/weakness and general discomfort in extremities (hands/feet/forearms/calves);
some hypoglycemic type episodes;
brief but persistent periods of dizziness and lightheadedness (daily for several minute periods multiple times a day);
dimentia like symptoms-- memory loss, brain fog, etc. Some uncharacteristic/risky behavior
general muscular aches and pains, frequent muscle cramps/charlie horses in lower legs;
some vision disturbances/ general sensation of pressure behind eyes, sensitivity to light;
inffrequent but persistent involuntary muscle contractions predominantly in feet/lower legs;
significant hair loss (multiple fists full/day) and very dry/brittle hair;
very dry skin regardless of moisturizing, uncharacteristically frequent breakouts;
mild depresion
significantly reduced libido
Until the Hashimoto's diagnosis doctors had been focused on pieces of the symptoms particularly swelling in hands and feet. Did a series of cardio and renal workups, but they came up empty handed (other than hypertension diagnosis).
Have screened for a plethora of autoimmune conditions (everyone's second guess): MS, lupus, lyme, et al. but everything has come back normal.
Same with vitamin deficiencies: B 12, potassium, Vit D all within "normal" range.
About to do a fairly comprehensive adrenal/endo panel of tests, but at this points everyone is grasping at straws. Please help. Any advice, suggestions, shared experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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