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Desperate to help my 9 year old daughter

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  • Posted By: softballmom73
  • January 21, 2008
  • 03:10 AM

Somebody please help!!! Here are her symptoms:

* Red face
* Buffalo hump
* Obesity
* Dry skin
* Dandruff
* HUGE tonsils that are never infected
* Always has LOTS of dark ear wax
* Fine red bumps on back of arms
* Moon face
* Pubic hair
* Feet measure a womans size 9
* Heart races sometimes even when at rest
* Easily fatigued
* Hair texture changed from soft to coarse and VERY curly
* Dark pigmentation around back of her neck

She was sent to Texas Children's to see a Pediatric Endocrinologist after a bone age scan came back with a result of 11 years old. She was 7 years and 10 months at the time. Unfortunately, the Endocrinolgist was quick to judgement. Said that bone age scans are not accurate. Wanted to repeat some blood work that the pedi already ran and referred her to a nutritionist. Interestingly, her cholesterol levels that were high the first go-round came back perfectly normal. BUT, her insulin levels that were normal tripled!! C-Peptide readings were high as well. Other tests that were ran that were all normal included prolactin, testosterone, coritsol, thyroid, and a few other hormones that I can't think of. Her diet is NOT the problem. She eats a low-fat diet as does the rest of our family. She has an older sister and a younger brother both of whom are of average height and below average weight (20th percentile). We all eat the same diet by the way. Her father and I are both average weight and height also. Yet, she continues to gain weight rapidly. (8 pounds in less that 1 month as of late). In the last year, she has gained a little over 20 pounds and there is no end in sight. She plays softball and takes 4 dance classes as well as P.E. in school and walking at the track every chance we get. What would you do if this were your child? HELP!!!!!!

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  • My daughter is now 15 years old. We have been searching for years as to why she has the same symptoms as your daughter. Her weight gain started at 3 months old. She tripled her weight in a 3 month period. She has averaged at least 10 pounds a year since. She gained 50 pounds in a 3 month period between 6th grade and 7th grade. We have been to three different endocrinologists. The last one finally put her on metformin because her insulin levels were running so high, she takes 1500mg a day. He also discovered finally that her thyroid was off and put her on 112mg of synthroid. She is on lasix for high blood pressure, but still retains so much water it don't help much. Her family doctor also put her on 50 mg of trazodone because she couldn't sleep at night, she feels like she has to take deep breaths to fill her lungs up and her chest feels heavy. She now weighs 246 and has to fight to keep her weight in this range. She can watch every thing she eats and do the low carb diet and loose a few pounds, but it comes right back. All the symptoms you listed my daughter has had for a long time except now we are adding very bad mood swings and depression to the list. If you find any help with your daughter, please let me know what was done.Thank You,Concerned Mother,Rhonda Butler
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  • Sounds like an adrenal response from a humoral immune response. A = ADRENAL I = INFECTION * Red face* A Buffalo hump * A Obesity* Dry skin* Dandruff* I HUGE tonsils that are never infected* Always has LOTS of dark ear wax* Fine red bumps on back of arms* A Moon face* A Pubic hair* A Feet measure a womans size 9* A/I Heart races sometimes even when at rest* A/I Easily fatigued* Hair texture changed from soft to coarse and VERY curly* Dark pigmentation around back of her neck* A High blood sugar * A mood swings - depression -anxiety - thought disorders* A weight gain These doctors check her adrenal function? Do a 24hr urine collection? Sounds like she is getting a HPA (hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal) response and a possible GPA (gonadal/pit/adr) response. Generally these are due to an infectious agent in her body. Did they do a C-reactive protein? It is almost Cushing's or Cushing's like. See some of the signs of Cushing's. Also If you see some of the research coming from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) you will see that there is dysregulation from the HPA axis, look at Dr. Esther Sternberg's research on HPA - she is the Chief Research Endocrinologist at the NIH - also you could try contacting Dr. William Malarkey at Ohio State University. Perhaps your doc can do a consult with him - He knows all about this.
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