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  • Posted By: kimbereese
  • June 24, 2009
  • 02:54 PM

I have pain in both forearms on the outside and although it doessn't hurt to put pressure on them, the skin on each is very tender to the touch. They always ache, but when I use the muscles at all it's excruciating. I am always fatigued no matter how much sleep I get. At night the bottoms of my feet burn as if they are on fire and I rub cool lotion on them before going to sleep and sometimes wake up with them burning and have to put more lotion on to cool them off. I am always running a low grade fever between 99.3 - 99.9. I often feel extremely bloated and sore in my upper abdomin and at it's worst every time I even take a step I feel like I'm being punched from inside up through my chest and back. I have been told I have IBS, but nobody can explain the other symptoms and I am beginning to think I am crazy! Please help

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  • Is it possible you may have carpal tunnel syndrome?? This may explain the pain in your forearms. As far as the burning feet, athlete's foot perhaps?? or even an allergy to your detergent or sock material or even your shoes.. even if you did not have it before, your body changes every 7 years and things you were not allergic to can change and visa versa..Have you ever had an injury to your back or legs that may have resulted in undetected peripheral neuropathy? The tummy pain and bloated feeling could possibly be allergies also for example Celiac disease. You should likely be evaluated by a neurologist, or to start with a general physician. Best of luck to you!!
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  • its possible that although you may get enough sleep, you are not getting efficient sleep or may have sleep apnea. ask you doctor about a sleep EEG.how long have your arms been hurting? and when did they start?as for the burning in the feet, thats usually caused by athlete's foot, or some circulation/neural damage.or maybe your arches are inflamed due to bad support.
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  • Thanks so much for your advice. My doctor has also recommended a sleep study for me. I have been putting it off because it sounds miserable, but one night of discomfort certainly will be worth it if I can get some help. My arms starting hurting just a few months ago. I am starting to think I did something to my actual elbow bone itself because I get sharp pains right in that spot. I am also considering that since the pain started in my right arm/elbo that my left arm is sore from using those muscles more than I ever have since the right is in pain?? My feet have burned for several years now, but only at night which is so odd to me. Thanks again for your time and advice. I am going to take the sleep study and see what happens. :confused:
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  • Thank you for taking the time to try and help me figure this out! I hadn't thought of carpal tunnel, but I think it might be worth asking my doctor about. The "hot feet" has been going on for so many years now that I am pretty sure it's not an allergy and that it ONLY happens at night is what is so bizarre. Maybe I am just not noticing it during the day? Anyway, thanks again for responding and I am crossing my fingers for a diagnosis soon :)
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  • The arm thing, could be what they call tennis elbow. Its a type of tendonitis.
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