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Desperate 4 year parasite battle/dying please help

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  • Posted By: Adamtedder
  • November 20, 2013
  • 11:13 PM

Hello, my name is Adam Tedder. I am 38 years old. For the past 4 years I=
have been dealing with a systemic parasite infection.My symptoms have rang=
ed from bleeding in the eyeball to bleeding into the toilet. My legs have s=
wollen to twice their normal size. I have had skin lesions , diarrhea, cons=
tipation, have lost as much as 80 pounds. I have done repeated stool sample=
s and even some blood smears with nothing to show for it. Initially i passe=
d egglike cocoons about the size of small beand and translucent with lots o=
f blood but as I did not have a doctor's order the laboratory would not tes=
t it. I did pass some flat white worms after taking a dose of Mebendazole b=
ut that did not eradicate the infection. I have tried 12 different medicati=
ons and spoken to more then 35 doctors. I have contacted people all over th=
e world trying to find somene to treat me. I do not have much money and I a=
m getting weaker by the day. I can feel the worms moving thru my heart,
my lungs and my head along with the rest of my body. I sometimes=0Ahave tr=
ouble breathing and have small seizures as well.I know there are over a tho=
usand types of parasite and I don't have a specific name for what I have. T=
his is exasperating and frustrating, I do not want to have to die for peopl=
e to finally believe me when they do an autopsy.I am located outside of Col=
umbus, Ohio.I know there are diagnostic tests that can be done,PCR,HA,ELISA=
, even string testing or saliva testing.The last thing i want is to be a st=
atistic because the people I spoke to could not believe that rare and hard =
to find diseases do exist.Please help me doctors I need you and I don't kno=
w how much time I have left.=0A=0AI have an extensive list of symptoms and =
medications. I have tested everything I can think of neurological, cardiolo=
gical, allergy, GI disorders, dermatological and much more. I know from wha=
t I have seen in my stool and experience every day in my body that this is =
a systemic parasite infection that I do not have a name for.Sparganosis is =
a possiblity.=A0Very few people have been willing to help and I am literall=
y fighting for my life every day. My head hurts terribly, my eyes water. Al=
l I want is a doctor or someone to treat this and let me get on with my lif=
e, otherwise eventually the tissue damage will be to great and one organ or=
another will fail.Thank you for reading this

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  • Look up blastocysistis huminus.Its a parasite, simple stool sample
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • December 12, 2013
    • 05:27 AM
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  • Hi ran into this site merely by accident. And decided to sign up. Please look into the papaya plant.I read that the papaya seeds are used for worms,or parasites not sure if the same thing . I think they have to be dried and are bitter to taste. I would buy one that is ripe they turn yellow,somewhat patchy.The papaya also help the intestines according to what I read. I grew up eating these. Dont mind the smell they are very sweet when ripe and soothing to the stomach. I hope you try as soon as possible.
    nora2013 0 Replies
    • December 25, 2013
    • 04:39 PM
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  • Have read that neem oil is good for parasites. My sister says there are neem tablets. I tasted the neem liquid very bitter.
    nora2013 0 Replies
    • January 6, 2014
    • 00:44 AM
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