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Depression + fatigue -- probably not mental (anymore?), what could it be?

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  • Posted By: magnon
  • January 24, 2011
  • 04:09 AM

Hi there!

I hope this can be a place to find some answers. The rest of this site is a great resource, so I'll try my luck.

My story, in brief: I'm 25 years old. Between five and three years ago, I struggled with clinical depression and infrequent panic attacks. So, that's been my diagnosis, and it was very real. However, although I sincerely have things I should (and do!) work with on the psychological side, the past two years have been very different.

So, here's how it is now:
- I have not been depressed in the clinical sense, I have simply been very fatigued – I work about 40-50% of full time, and need lots of rest. My energy levels fluctuate between absolutely horrible and just under average.
- I sleep about ten hours or more whenever I manage to fall asleep.
- Short term memory lapses, irregularly. Not too bad, but noticeable.
- 2-3 times each year, I'm exhausted and can't do anything for a week to ten days.
- Slight motor issues in my hands, they often shake. No idea if this is relevant.

Additional information:
- My diet is fine. Protein rich, little to no grains, lots of vegetables, and I eat lots (being a chronically skinny person at 191cm/6'3", it's needed!)
- When it comes to exercise, I can feel stronger after periods of weight training, and I can increase my measurable VO2max from cardio, but I don't feel any difference in mood or fatigue whatsoever. In practice, it gives me no benefit at all.
- Diet-wise, I've had periods of eating much worse than now, and other than less stable blood sugar, I feel no difference there either. The only thing I've ever felt a cognitive result with is supplementing large amounts of omega-3, loading for about three weeks.

Back to the story:

My GP ran a screening earlier this year. I have not seen the results, but I know that fi. my serum B12 levels, homocysteine and testosterone levels are normal (no MMA tested) -- I can dig up a list of things tested, but not the results, if that's relevant. He suggested I should go on antidepressants and left it at that. No dice.

So, I went to another doctor a few months ago. Firstly, I got melatonin for the sleep issues, which works fine. I've kept a good rhythm, but it doesn't help the fatigue. Secondly, he said I should take an Organix test, which I can't afford at the moment.

More importantly, he told me to take a Vitamin B complex (this one) to see if it helped. I think it has. I feel a small, but noticeable effect after I started using it. Also, I can repeat an experiment: Without taking the complex, if I wait long enough after eating, I get irritable, low blood sugar, and so on – just the usual. I could eat and fix it, but if I take the complex after feeling this, it goes away for a couple of more hours. Might it suggest at the complex helps my body utilize energy more efficiently?

I'm spending quite some time reading up on B12 deficiency, which of course leads me to suspect it, but I am in no way sure, which is why I'm asking.

I feel "fine" otherwise – no general pain or problems such as headaches, muscular fatigue, shortness of breath etc., there might be other things, but I can elaborate if anything comes up in the thread.

Does anyone have suggestions as to where I should go from here? Anything that sounds more likely than others? Most importantly, where should I put my money to increase the likelihood of finding out what's wrong?

Thanks for any guidance.

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