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Deep thigh burn, Cannot sit anymore please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2007
  • 11:05 PM

I have been fighting this pain for a long time now. I have tried any suggestions given to me by local doctors to no avail as yet:(
I'm 23yr Male, 85Kg, 180cm. In ok shape but a bit over-weight. Fairly high blood pressure (was told last check up).

My syptoms are a deep burning in my right thigh at the top, near where my thing meets my **m cheek. The burn seems to happen right at that crease and down towards the right testicle. The pain is much worse when I am sitting down and is relieved when I stand up.

-The pain is also relieved by squeezing/rubbing the area.
-I have no visible dark signs of vein problems etc.
-My lower back is in ok condition and rarely has problems.
-I cannot sit for more then 10mins at a time. It now feels like I am sitting directly on my right-side **m bone (pointy one)
-I have used foam to even out all the seats I use, so the back is even with the front in regards to the sitting area so my thighs are not taking all the weight.
-I am constantly moving in my seat due to the burning, it starts small then ends up burning allot before I am forced to stand in which case it disappears fairly fast.
-I have never felt the pain in my left leg.
-The pain is only in that area, not down the leg etc.
-My right foot, when I am lying on my back always drops down to the right. The leg will twist a bit and allow the right foot to fall to the right. It takes muscle effort to hold my right foot straight when lying. Does not seem to affect pain though when held straight over night.
-Scans show spacing are fine in my spine.

Thankyou for taking your time to try and help. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction as after spending 1.5yrs slowly trying to find what this pain is I am no closer.


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  • anyone ahve any insight on this please as i'm considering giving my job in and I really would like to keep going at it but the pain in the leg is getting to me :(
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  • It sound like like a nerve is being pinched some place. Are you sure you don't have a lumbar disc thats bulging or a bone spur and pressing on a nerve??? Have you been to an Ortho?? A Neuro for a nerve conduction study?? The Sciatic nerve , usually causes problems down the back of the leg, even beyond the knee. Have you had your glands checked for swelling, they could be pinching a nerve? What scan do you mean?? Xrays just show the joints, so many times things don't show up. Mri Shows much more. I don't think your low back is ok, esp if you can't sit!! You could have AS or stenosis in there. Try a donutpillow to keep the weight off your spine. Also, make sure when you sit, your hips are always higher than your knees. Really look into this with the right drs' and good tests, your too young to be dealing with this the rest of your life. Check out this link for more info spineuniverse.com Best wishes~~Dee
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  • Thankyou for your reply Dee,The scan I have had was an ultrasound of sorts but i am unsure of the exact name. I have only visited the lo GP, spinal and pelvis experts, and also a urologist who have all had little to stop the pain.The pain i mention in sitting down is felt all in the lower right thigh around the right-side point of my **m regardless of how my back is.I will looko into seeing a Neurologist asapthankyou
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  • Hi there.Did you ever figure out the issue?I am curious as I have a lot of the same symptoms!Thanks.
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