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cushings symptoms?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 29, 2007
  • 03:03 AM

I was wanting to hear from anyone who HAS cushings that could tell me if any of the following are associated with it.

gastro problems
i.e nausea, diarreah, vomiting
also i have unexplained swelling in the joints of my hands and all blood work is negative.
chronic headaches

I have been to several web-sites and have not seen anything linking those to cushings. I have an appt on aug 1 to see an endo dr. to test me for cushing because of other symptoms I do have - buffalo hump,excessive sweating, weakness in my thighs and upper arms, my blood pressure has gone up, bruises that i cant even explain how i got them, round(moon face) my arm/legs are slender and i am heavier in my mid section. I do believe I have cushings - but one note I had an mri done(april 07) by my neuro for chronic headaches and it was said to be good. I guess only a dr. visit will truly tell.
I appriciate any input on the other symptoms and if they are connected at all.

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  • chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Read around the forum, you will see you are not alone.Find NAET or Bioset therapy. It will helpDo research on diet for CFSIt includes immune dysfunction so vitamins will helpoverexertion in any way increases symtoms. The more you work or exercise, the sicker you can become.It involves "flare ups". That is one of the resons it's so hard to diagnose. Symptoms come and go, wax and wane.They thought I had Cushing's too...and Carcinoid Syndrome(cancer)turns out, I don't. I have CFS.There is a lot of information on the web and in this forum. Best of luck to you...mommy cat
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  • do you even read anything? again i was looking for a response from someone who HAS cushings not you.
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  • I'm sorry I tried to help you. Just thought you'd like to know people are wrongly diagnosed with Cushings. I was one of those people. Perhaps you are too. You obviously are not willing to accept help when it is given. Keep searching...I wish you well.
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  • I am not diagnosed with cushings myself, but I am seeing an endo and being tested atm. I would advise you to visit www.cushing-help.com for more information on cushings. Good luck!
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  • PiaSava...What I'm trying to say is I understand you are being tested for Cushing's. I was too. When the tests come back negative, consider CFS as your symptoms are classic for this illness.Please don't be offended by my help. Research CFS and then refute it as a possibility. You will be doing yourself a favor. I wish you the best...mommy cat
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