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Cushings symptoms

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  • Posted By: alijraney
  • March 13, 2007
  • 07:01 PM

I have all the symptoms of Cushings Syndrome except for osteoprosis. I have a fibroid tumor, a cyst on my ovarie, high blood pressure, swelling in my feet and lower legs, muscle weakness at times, potassium inbalance, my sugar ranges from 130-148, I have the purpleish pink large stretch marks, the hump on my back up by the neck, arms and legs that are thin compared to my middle body size. I have some problems with my vision that comes and goes, I get dizzy at times, I just keep gaining weight no matter what I do, I have back pain around my kidney area and my face has cushionoid features (my dr. made this remark). (I have irrigular periods. The last one I had was in August and then the 1st of March I finally started again. I am 55 years old but have been having this problem off and on since 1989.) The rest of the symptoms mostly started in 1970 when I had my first child. I weighed 118 lbs at 6 months then just started gaining and by the time I delivered I weighed 190. My dr. told me during a exam while I was pregnant with my first child that I had a fibroid tumor (it is currently the size of a gratefruit) I had a tubal pregnancy in 1983, it ruptured and both my tubes were removed. The dr. said I had para tubal cysts. Yet, my cortisol level is around 42. I am at my wits end, if I keep gaining weight ( I am majorly over weight) and if my BP, sugar and potassium don't get under control I will be having more problems. Now that cushings seems to not be the problem I don't know where else to look.

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  • Have you only had one 24 hr urine cotisol test? If so, you need to have at least one more. My mom had Cushings but it took 3 24 hr urine cotisol tests before she got an abnormal reading. Her levels varied wildly from 0 - 700. She had a pituitary tumor that they were finally able to see on a MRI scan. She had had it for probably decades, but no one could diagnose it. If you haven't been to an endocrinologist, you need to see one NOW. If you live anywhere near Nashville, TN, I highly reccomend Dr Lewis Blevins or Dr Fowler in the endocrinology clinic at Vanderbilt University Hospital. IF you do have Cushings, you need to see a specialist and they are wonderful. I hope this helps. Blessings,Lori, RN
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  • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I live in Oklahoma. I did live in TN around the Knoxville area about 10 years ago and then the Jackson TN area about 2 years ago. I will try to get the dr. to do another test in May. Do you know anything about the salavia test? I heard that is more accurate. Anyway again, thank you.Alijraney
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  • Have you been tested for Bartonella? I ask because you mention the " purplish stretch marks ". Those are a symptom of Bartonella. Have you been tested for tick related infections? like babseia, borriella, etc. They cause alot of symptoms you are discribing. Left undx'd for a long time, they also mess up the thyroid and adrenals. Many with Lyme, are having problems with thyroid and adrenals/ cortisol levels. There are two good links I will post for you, the first, when you get there look for the "adrenal forum/board", there are many very knowledgeable, people at both sites. Hope you find out soon so you can feel better. stopthethyroidmaddness.com and lymenet.org.
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  • I don't know anything about the saliva tests. If they only did a blood test on you though, they definitely need to do a 24 hour urine test. Sometimes they will actually give you cortisone by mouth before the test to see if that changes the results. Do you have an endocrinologist? I would encourage you to get the test done ASAP.Blessings,Lori, RN
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  • I have Cushings and am trying to get rid of it. Yeh you probably have if your cortisol is that high. They recommend a protein diet and exercise to get rid of it, but I have not been successful yet. I too have the purple straie, and facial hair that comes with it It's very frustrating. go to addisonsdisease.net and join our wonderful team. The pain over by your back is probably your adrenal glands being out of balance. I have this problem often- they just give me toradol and lorazapam helps it alot as I'm secondary Addisons
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