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cushings? elevated cortisol, fatigued..all the tests no diagnosis.. HELP

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 3, 2009
  • 05:11 PM

I'm a 38yo female and for so so many years now, I have been in search for my fatigue. I've been to so many doctors who have found bits and pieces, but no-one has ever put it all together. My symptoms are :
- chronic tiredness, chronic fatigue of muscles, irregular sleep patterns, weight gain, decrease in aerobic fitness, intolerance to heat and humidity (it makes me crazy!!!), when temperature is comfortable I have cold feet, depression / anxiety (treated with anti-depressants), hirsuitism, acne / oily skin when not on contraceptive pill containing androcur

At some stage during my life I've been found to have :
- intermitant low B12 levels, elevated cortisol levels, insulin resistance, god knows what else.

I've had all sorts of 24 hour pee in the bottle tests, blood tests, dexamethasone suppression tests. Nobody has ever scanned my pituitary or adrenal glands to have a look... I seem to get these results, the doctors say "inconclusive diagnosis" and off I go... still feeling like something is wrong with me. As you can probably tell, I've done a little research for myself...But I've just started getting down about it and feeling like maybe its in my head and its just chronic laziness... but surely not !!???

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  • You should join www.cushings-help.com. They are very helpful. Your symptoms could be caused by cushings, but they could also be caused by insuline resistance or syndrome X. I have pre diabetes and many of the same symptoms as you have. My life has changed for the better after changing my diet. I cut out sugar, and as much flour as possible. I only eat rye bread, and the carbs I eat have a low GI. I have also started taking vitamin D (that has worked wonders on my depression) as well as magnesium, calsium and multivitamins. You should give it a shot for a month or so and see if you notice any difference in how you feel.
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  • Thankyou for your response. I visited the link and found some of the information interesting and some peoples' symptoms are like looking into a mirror!!! I think I will find a new doctor after tracking down all my existing lab results from the past "x years", and insist on getting to the bottom of this. I'm sick of feeling so "crap" after so many years. I'm sure people are sick of me yabbering on about how I feel. The doctors here in Australia seem not to like ordering too many tests if they get an "inconclusive" result... ie : some positive, some clear results means "no further investigation"... I think thats why nobody has sent me to have a pituitary/adrenal scan.
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  • When you arent on the pill.. im wondering what your periods are like?? are they irregular?? or do you have an abnormally long cycle?? Your hirsuitism and insulin resistance and weight gain issues make me wonder if you have Polycystic ovulation syndrome (PCOS) as part of your issues. If your periods are longer than normal and irregular, you should get PCOS ruled out. *PCOS wont cause ALL your symptoms but if you have it, it's important to know as it puts you at a higher risk for some other things................. I doubt if your concern is "chronic laziness".... my other thought is that you could have "very mild" chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), to mild for it to be diagnosed at this point of time. That can cause most of your symptoms and many with CFIDS do have cortisol issues too.. usually low cortisol... but in others with it there is adrenal dysfunction, with the cortisol going both high and low.
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