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Cushing or high ACTH?

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  • Posted By: goingsomewhere
  • July 5, 2009
  • 00:16 AM

I 'believe' I have this debilitating syndrome(high ACTH). But is it something else? I have been to many clinical doctors but not an endo... they all just prescribe pills and treat me as a lab rat while going no where. Some of the symptoms I have are:

· High BP(When consuming Magnesium, this stabilizes);

· Hyperpigmentation from the neck up to my face, in my joints(knuckles, knees, elbows), armpits, private areas but I am never in the sun and I have brown skin and I should note that these symptoms started before puberty;

· A relatively small hump(bone but I read in Cushings it is fat hump) below the neck which I always figured was me not walking straight;

· I do have weight gathered around my upper body but my arms and legs are relatively thin in terms of fat... I have small frame, I am a male, 22yrs of age, 210lbs and my height is 6feet... so you can say I am a bit obese;

· I have no problem concerning libido;

· I also have stretch marks in my biceps, right below my shoulders, on the sides of my abdomen and their color is lighter than my skin much like a scar... I figured I had this stretch marks because I tried to put on some muscle unsuccessfully during my mid teens and never paid attention to it(But in Cushings stretch marks are purple?);

· I also started male pattern baldness early(17) and tend to have hairy chest;

· My gums right below my teeth seems to be a bit darker when compared to the section right below which is very ripe red;

· I have oily skin and sweaty palms; I also have acne in my chest, back, and face.

· Yes, the environment I was raised in was extremely stressful from the day I was born, literally!

I have yet to attain an ACTH test/see an endocrinologist but I want to hear my options first seeing as I have no health insurance. If you can differentiate these symptoms as possible side-effects of Cushings Syndrome or a high level of ACTH/cortisol or something more ensnaring, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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