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crush injury to left foot

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  • Posted By: Darkwing_Duck
  • July 9, 2007
  • 11:53 PM

It`s been three months now since my injury. My left foot was run over by a small forklift. The swelling just will NOT go down! I`ve tried everything my doctors told me to do, but nothing helps! My employer wants me to be back on the floor tomarrow, but I need steel shoe boots, but unfortunately, because of the swelling, My can`t fit into a pair! What can I do?
My doctor can`t prescribe me any special sohes cause there`s no such thing as an orthopedic steel toe shoe! I`m running out of options! I need help! Where can I get an orthopedic steel toe shoe, or where can I go to get a prescription for one shoe bigger then the other? Please email me at


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  • You can take the oral version of Traumeel at a health food store and also get the tube and rub that on your foot. Also, hope you have applied for unemployment compensation. Your employer's doctor will need to clear you to go back to work (I think)...sounds like you need a little more time to recover and to find the proper shoe. You probably need physical therapy and that should be cover through Workmen's Comp--unles you don't live in the USA.
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  • I`ve already done 1 month`s worth of physical therepy, I do have 2 more sessions left. My orthopedic released me for work too. I was fitted for a pair of regular steel toe shoes, but I`m worried since I have a bruised bone, it`s going to be quite painfull! Could me eployer get in trouble if I get yelled at for sitting a few moments to rest my foot? I do stand mainly on cement floors, and my doctor wrote on my restrictions slip "As comfort allows". I couldn`t agree more. I think I do still need a little more recovery time, but my eployer will Not allow that! I really don`t want to have to get an attorney on them, but Under what curcumstances would that be necessary?
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  • I would say calmly "Excuse me, my foot was run over recently by a forklift. Now, I can go home and get on Worker's Comp (which it sounds like you need to do for a couple of months), or you can work with me and allow me to take breaks like my doctor's note stated"...hard to believe a doctor is sending you back. You might want to have another doctor's opinion before going back into the frying pan. It usually doesn't cost anything to consult with a lawyer.
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  • Well, I worked last night, it turned out ok, but my foot was a little swullen more when I got home, I`m thinking, I just need to sit more than stand/walk. other than that, the pain didn`t get worse, it seems ok. But I`ll keep an eye on it. I`m gonna let my employer know about the swelling issue when I go in tonight. Maybe they have a stool or something I can sit on. I run an automatic punch/blank press, so basically the machine runs itself, until the coil runs out.
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  • Have you seen a lawyer??? A crushed foot....even if you've recovered, you might need long term care and you should get a settlement from Worker's comp. It usually don't cost to have one initial visit with a lawyer specializing in Worker's Comp. Look in your yellow pages. It should not affect your job. They carry insurance for this.
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  • I had a crush injury to my foot, when I was a kid. My foot got crushed under a seasaw. It was very swollen for weeks, and calcium deposits built up in it. As a result of the calcium deposits, my foot never went all the way back down to it's original size. The top of it is a large hump, and it's about a full shoe size bigger than my other foot, which has definately given me problems finding suitable footwear. My point being, if there are calcium deposits as a result of your crush injury, your foot might not ever go back down to it's original size, and since you were crushed by a fork lift, which is much bigger than a seasaw, your foot is probably even more disproportional than mine is. My advice is, you might have to buy two different pairs of shoes from now on. Can you buy another pair of steel toe boots, a size or two bigger than your current pair, and wear one on your left foot? Also, to help the swelling go down as much as it can, you should keep your foot elevated above your heart, and put a bag of ice, or frozen peas on it.
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