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cross-eyed daughter

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  • Posted By: billdots
  • May 15, 2007
  • 03:03 PM

I'm a father of a 6 year old daughter. We went to see an eye specialist for check-up and to change eyeglasses. Our daughter underwent eye check-up and her eyes were dilated several times with eyedrops. A day later, her eyes would squint and look cross-eyed for a second. Any help on what to do? Please help!

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  • First of all, relax. Have you checked and made sure she's not doing it as some sort of a game? When I was about 6, I used to walk on the insides of my feet just to see if someone would notice--when my mom did, I was too scared to 'fess up to faking it, so 2 years of corrective shoes and orthopedics later it "miraculously" disappeared when other kids made fun of me for it.Secondly, how much light was she exposed to after the dilation/drops? Even as an adult after dilations my eyes cross sporadically for 2-3 days afterwards if I have to drive myself home, especially if I was too dumb to wear sunglasses.Third, kids are really bad with stuff in their eyes, afraid of water, or just too impatient to properly blink it out. I know it seems like cruelty, but having her go to a local swimming pool and go underwater with her eyes open and swim "fast" (or have her jump in with eyes open, etc.) might rinse out residue that can remain when kids don't blink it out/it gets stuck in the eyes/etc. Again, even as an adult, the day after dilation when I get around to putting my contacts back in, that evening when I wash them out they have a LOT more gunk in them than usual. If all of that is still on her eyes, it's probably making them "feel" funny and her eyes are trying to get rid of it.Fourth, was it an optometrist (specializes in vision correction) or an opthamologist (specializes in actually fixing the eyes)? Why was a 6 year old going to get glasses? If there's a pre-existing eye condition, anything like crossing the eyes occasionally should definitely be looked at by an opthamologist; six year olds are bad about vocalizing what feels bad/feels good--I had -400 vision in 3rd grade but never knew I saw any differently than anybody else. When we don't know what's "normal" to compare to, it's hard to say what's "wrong".Finally, next time look for an eye doctor who specializes in pediatric care. I know insurance can be pesky about covering that type thing, but generally the eye appointment will only run $100, and it could be worth it. Ask your child's pediatrician, or your primary family care manager, for a recommendation of an office/specific doctor in town.Best of luck! Hope she squinted it all out long before I responded to this post.
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  • dear unregistered one,thank you so much for your advice. You gave me so much to consider and I appreciate it very much. I am taking my daughter to an eye specialist this afternoon for further check-up. Thank you again...God bless you
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