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cramping in my left torso when i sneeze

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  • Posted By: nicegirl411
  • May 15, 2009
  • 05:18 PM

Lately when I sneeze I get severe cramps starting in my neck on the left side and traveling down my chest and left arm. It causes me to double over and wait for about 30 seconds, then it passes. The cramping is painful. Any ideas as to what is causing this?

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  • Are you young? Cramping is, unfortunately, common during the pre-teen/teen/early adult years. I remember experiencing similar to what you describe. And on rare occasion, it still happens ... especially now that I'm aging. :rolleyes: However, I question the multitude of areas in which the cramps occur at the same time, all at once, paralleling one another; am I understanding correctly? Wouldn't hurt to see your GP or PCP, or at least call about this, to have it looked into for reassurance and possibly applicable suggestions about the cause and possible suggestions for remedy; that is my strong opinion ... given such a "variety" of areas involved, all in conjunction, if I am understanding correctly, I feel that you should get an expert opinion about this. I give this advise, only for the relief of muscle cramping. I know that you may believe that this is torture and you can't do it, but your posts appears that you are speaking of muscle cramping, I take it? If so ... to rid of it immediately, you use the muscle; for instance, if you are laying in bed and get a cramp in your calf or the bottom of your foot, get up immediately and walk ... although the pain makes you believe it's impossible, do it anyway and it should halt. Same with your neck/arm/side chest. Stand up and bend over, twist to the right, twist to the left ... and for the neck ... forward, back, in circles ... and for the arm, lift it as you are doing something in conjunction, or simply bend it up and down, try to pick something up, or get on the floor and do pushups (pushups best, if you can). Look at your nutrition and eating habits, do you eat well ... is your body getting everything it needs nutritionally? Also, there are several very excellent links throughout the forum about B-12 deficiency; I suggest you take a look at those as well. If you are young and still developing, proper nutrition is a must ... and lacking (or having too much of) a vital nutrient could very well be the culprit of the cramping/severity.
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  • It could be that you are pinching a "sphincter"-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_esophageal_sphincter You may need to not go with the cramp and bend in the opposite direction as soon as you feel it coming on. You should get checked, however.
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  • Hi Monsterlove, I agree with your post. I still suggest the bending and such to relieve the cramp because it appears that even with possible upper esophageal sphincter involvement that you mention, this method may still provide relief to this lady until she gets examined and properly treated. Meanwhile, for relief, I believe it may help and is worth trying: "it consists of striated muscle and is under conscious control" (striated muscle being those associated with skeletal and heart, but only happens when she sneezes; hence, I question her age ... common during development.) Also, it would certainly be helpful for the cramping in other areas that she mentions. It is my understanding, so far, that this happens in all the areas she mentions, all at the same time ... not only in the neck area. About these being cramps, as is appears in the post and I don't want to have any misunderstanding on my part, I questioned ... to be certain. Lastly, I agree ... this lady needs to be examined by her physican. There's too many variables to ignore, in my opinion, and they need to be cleared up. My apology. My written communication here may not have been composed with enough clarity. Perhaps the original poster will return to shed more light on this.
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