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could this all be from my injury

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  • Posted By: inpain24/7
  • April 14, 2008
  • 04:33 PM

Ok here is my systoms:
light headed
nauseous daily
vomitting once in awhile i beleive due to migraine pain?
weakness- so bad legs gave out 2 weeks after injury put me in hospital 8 days.
cannot walk more then about 100 yards then have shooting pain from foot to head with every step.
I have had chest pains off and on that go into my armpit and down my arm past 5 days
i cannot sleep more then 2-4 hours a night due to pain
i get car sick after only riding in a car for 30 minutes- never had before
my vision is blurred and i see spots at times.
When i sit down if i do not lean forward and sit slowly i get a very sharp pain shooting up my back into my head.
I was told i have 5 herniated discs (2 cervical) (3 lumbar)
also arthritus in cervical and lumbar
My mid back is now hurting also.

My injury happened almost 2 months ago and have gotten worse not better.
I was hit in face with a 5-8 pound object while looking up.
Could all this be from my injury? or made some hidden thing worse?
Please HELP!!!
Any ideas??????:confused:

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  • First of all, I must say that I cannot even imagine how much pain you must be in. Your symptoms sound absolutely awful. :( After your injury did you have a head/neck MRI or CT done to check for swelling/compression? Aside from the trauma alone potentially causing all of your symptoms, both injuries and stress (which I can imagine you have probably been suffering from since your injury) can activate genetic illnesses (both neurological and other) that you are predisposed to. Best of luck!
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  • I think when you are in so much pain it begins to feel numbing as you get use to it. I can actually handle a pian level of 8-9 now as normal everyday pain. when it gets to a 10 that is when i throw up.I did have 4 MRI's and Cat scan.My first Spine DR. stated in his report that it appears there may be compression on the spinal cord but not sure as he only had my MRI reports on CD not the actual films. so I had 2 more MRI's of Brain and Cervical and got a new Spine Dr. that I see this week. I just want to make sure I ask the right questions etc. so I do not get mis Diagnosised.I also have an appointment with a Neurologist next week. What do I ask that DR???
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  • First of all I think it's smart that you are prepping a question list for the doctor. I don't know about your experiences, but I tend to get flustered and feel rushed if I don't have questions written down ahead of time. I'm not sure how much anatomical/physiological knowledge you have about the central nervous system, so these suggestions may not be helpful at all. With both doctors, if they say everything is injury-related, I would suggest asking them to go through each of your symptoms and explain how the injury is causing that symptom. For example, the chest pains...is that a symptom originating in the brain or is it being triggered when signals are passed down the spinal cord (perhaps due to nerve damage)? If there are any symptoms that they cannot link to your injury, I would ask what other potential causes there could be (such as the onset of a genetic illness). I would also ask them what is causing the weakness? Is the weakness a neuromuscular problem? Lastly, what treatment options are there?
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  • Thank you so much I am making my list for the Dr. and writing each systom down with space for his answer next to it. I will have someone with me that can write the responses as i cannot look down for more then a minute without pain that is a 10. My injury has made me decide to switch careers and go into medical starting with Coding and billing so I can understand more. It is going well since it is all on line and I can stop often to rest my eyes etc.I appreciate the comment any suggestions.
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