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Could strep infection be related to wrist ligament/tendon damage

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  • December 22, 2008
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Sorry for the long post.
My left ulna, at the wrist, is not in the right place. There is some pain, but it is not acute pain, and only happens when I twist the wrist in certain directions.

The doctor, when examining me, pushed down on the ulna and said "it moves like a piano key". Obviously, it is not supposed to move like a piano key. Frankly, he kept doing it (3 times!!) and I think made it much worse.

He said that I had somehow damaged/stretched a ligament, and that also I had a tendon slipping out of its "groove".

He has me in a splint just to support it, and says lets wait 6-8 weeks and see if it can repair itself. If not, he'll do MRI and probably need surgery.
Three weeks later - it has not improved at all.

Three questions:

1. I was hospitalized with erysipilis a few months back - extremely virulent strep infection of the skin on my face. It required 3 days of hospital, intravenous meds, and then 1 week of additional antibiotic - I think almost 800mg/dose of penicillin for that week. Since I have no recollection of injuring the wrist - could the strep virus still be in my system and affecting the ligaments, etc? My elbows also feel a little tender, but maybe I am just nervous.

2. What type of surgery do they do to put the bone back in its place?

3. I am getting a second opinion on Jan. 6th. Is it OK to ask this next doctor not to "play" with the "piano key" so much? I think just one push on it is enough to see what is going on. I think that every time they push, they set the recovery back, or am I being paranoid?


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  • No,it's not at all likely that the erysipelas has anything to do with it.Next,if it did there'd be Sx of infection at your wrist.Not being an orthopedic surgeon,I don't know what they do.Last,the next doctor,if you ask him to be gentle,will do the minimum exertion on your wrist.:)
    richard wayne2b 1232 Replies
    • December 26, 2008
    • 00:35 PM
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