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Could someone please help...I'm out of options.

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  • Posted By: wurrywort
  • April 20, 2007
  • 10:55 AM

I'll explain what's been going on and hopefully someone here can help. I live in Thailand, and about a month and a half ago, I had a long night of drinking. I drank too much as I usually do for some reason, even though it's not very frequently at all. That night seems to have changed my life permanently! I'm 25 years old with no history of gastrointestinal or kidney problems. The day after I had a bowel movement that seemed to be every color of the rainbow and every consistency one could imagine, all in the same sitting. That wasn't my only symptom however. There was also a dark, pigmented spot on my lower lip that was never there before. Shortly after I slowly started experiencing severe constipation, interspersed with diarrhea, weight loss, and signs of malabsorption. At times it seemed like my stomach wasn't working at all! I did some research that I wish I hadn't and to my horror, found that everything that was going on was characteristic of a condition called Peutz-Jehger syndrome. Even though it's rare I thought, what else could it be? So, I got all of my money together and went to the only hospital here that's worth a ***n, and had an upper endoscopy, which was negative for Intestinal Polyps. That ruled out the Peutz-Jehger possibilty and I was diagnosed with Chronic Gastritis. When I mentioned Pancreatitis to the doctor he smiled and said, "Not have pancreatitis" though no tests were ever done to confirm this. So my symptoms continued and I still have the pigmentation on my lower lip... a coincidence I guess. Eventually the pain seemed to become more isolated in my left side and back, and I occasionally experience spasms there. When I push in on my left side close to my spine there is a deep pain in coming from whatever organ is located there. My drinking habits go a little something like 3 months with no drinking at all, followed by a night or two of drinking too much, followed by maybe a week of not drinking, and then another night of excess. I don't really match the description of a long term alcohol abuser, but I just don't know! I've been taking the antacids he gave me and they're doing no good, although my stool has regained some of it's color where before it was pale and bulky. I don't really have any family left in the states so I'm on my own. I can't afford to continue getting tested here since everything has to be paid up front and I don't know where to begin anyway. I've started to take Flagyl in hopes that I just have a parasite or something and it will help. I've been on that 3 days so I'm not sure yet. I'll wrap this up now: Can anyone give me any advice at all? What are the chances of this being Pancreatitis? What does this sound like? I don't believe my family had much of a history with anything other than kidney stones, but I don't know how that would relate to all the digestive problems. I'm sorry for the lengthy post but this is really my last hope before I just give up and let this thing finish me off:(. Thank you so, so much for any advice you may have...


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  • Hey,Firstly this is NOT pancreatitis! pancreatits is so serious you would not have been able to type that before being rushed to hospital.You say your stool was every colour under the sun but there are 2 main coulors Drs worry about:1) Black and tar like with offensive smell.2) Very pale, bulky, offensive smelling, difficult to flush.Let me know if you are experiencing any of these.Not sure where the Peutz-Jehgers came from?! Thats the problem with the internet. Remember COMMON THINGS ARE COMMON!
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  • I have no specific suggestions. I don't know anything about pancreatitis -- I don't even know enough anatomy to tell you whether the pancreas could be the organ with the deep pain you described -- but I'd look it up at WebMD, MayoClinic.com, or Wikipedia and see if their descriptions seem to fit your symptoms.But considering that this happened in Thailand, have you considered things that might be specific to where you're living? Could you have caught some bacterium, virus, or parasite that's indigenous to Thailand? Maybe something left behind in one of your drinking glasses that was unwashed or improperly washed? Taking Flagyl is a good idea, but do you know that it will treat whatever parasites are indigenous to your area?Could the liquor that you drank have been contaminated? I know nothing about the liquor that one finds in Thailand, or how reliably pure it is. Do you know if it could contain contaminants such as heavy metals, industrial chemicals, or products of fermentation other than what's supposed to be in the liquor?
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  • Since you live in Thailand have you considered trying to find a Oriental medical practitioner to help you with this? Thai practitioners would be different in their treatments than those in China, but I think it would be helpful to try it. Have you had a complete stool test? That would have been the first test to do in my opinion. Have they ruled out parasite, giarrdia, e coli, candida, in your stool? Please understand that Flagyl can cause candida overload and you should also be taking a good quality probiotic. Also, DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL WITH FLAGYL IT CAN CAUSE A VERY SERIOUS REACTION!! This is very important. Is there someone you can talk to or who can offer you support as to why you go on these binges? I think this is important as it is possible you are having some toxicity issues from the alcohol. I don't believe this is pancreatitis, but you should definitely try to get a stool test done to rule out certain pathogens. And try the probiotic - it should really help. Best wishesDOM
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  • On the internet there are companys that will do a stool analysis. They are very good. You collect stool then mail it in. They can do extensive testing. I wonder if it is giardia, or a parasite???
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  • Thank you so much for your advice and kind words. I'll be sure to get a good probiotic and be careful with the flagyl. If it doesn't sound like pancreatitis that alone makes me feel better. I'm choosing to believe that it is in fact related to my location (bacteria, virus, etc.) since this kind of thing never happened in the U.S. Thanks again... and I wish you all good health.
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  • wurrywort...if all test come back negative and you are still experiencing symptoms...look into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis crampsdiarrheaalcohol intolerance it is viral...you are on the right track there not saying you have it...just that it's possible...mommy cat:)
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