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Could it be ALS or bulbar palsy?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 8, 2008
  • 02:55 AM

Sorry this is long:

Hi, lately I've been researching my symptoms and what I find online is terrifying. Someone please respond if you know anything about what I may have. I have gone to a regular Dr, an ENT and currently a neurologist who tells me everything comes back normal. I'm 32 and female.


1. A few months ago started feeling like I tremor in my hands and neck sometimes
2. I've had joint pain in my heels and hands since my early twenties but when I went to a Rheumatologist I was dismissed with a clean blood result for lupus or rheumatism (I went a few years ago)

3. In august of 2007 I had severe aches in my throat, almost like burning and muscle pain combined (again not like a sore throat when you have a cold). I went to an ENT and we tried Nexium and later Aciphex in case it was acid reflux. NO improvement.

4. In early september I was scoped through the nose and was told I had a staph infection for which I took antibiotics. The pain went away which I was excited but

5. then I started having difficulty swallowing sometimes. The ENT ordered a swallow study in which I was told I had normal function. I also had a CAT scan of my neck which showed I had no growths but the tissue did appear "full". I was referred to a Neurologist.

6. Up until 2 weeks ago it only happened once a day or maybe every other day but i would feel episodes of the following: disorientation, trouble breathing, difficulty coordinating swallow, numbness in left side of body, and heat sensatio on top of scalp, and intermittent moving twitches.

7. Now the symtoms last all day and there is weakness in my left side (just a little) and odd sensations in my head, throat, legs, but the hardest for me is speaking. I feel like my throat muscles are paralyzing and losing all strength and coordination.

What doc has said:

My Neuro suggested they might be panic attacks due to stress but I don't have palpitations and I don't feel my heart race. I tried Xanax for 10 days and it did calm me but the symptoms didn't diminish.

Tests done:

nerve conduction on arms; results---carpal tunnel syndrome but not related to current sumptoms

bloodwork--negative for myasthenia gravis

MRI of head (contrast & non, blood supply)--all saying I'm fine. Negative for multiple sclerosis

Anyone have any similar symptoms or ideas???? Can a staph infection in the back of the nose cause neurological damage? Does anyone have panic attacks that look like this???

At this point I just want to know what it is. I would be happy to know they are Panic attacks but from what I've read Progressive Bulbar Palsy or ALS also have similar onset symptoms.

Someone please reply

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