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Could I have PCOS?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 4, 2011
  • 01:17 AM

Hi Im a 22 female with generally very good health. I recently went to the doctor about my skin because i suffer from mild-moderate acne since my teens and finally decided to something about it. After trying antibiotics and topical creams they put me on dianette contraceptive pill. I decided to do some research on the internet about it and I noticed a lot of women on this pill suffer from PCOS and started to wonder if i could have it too. I never thought i had any health problems before, apart from the spots, and live a very happy life. But after looking at the symptoms of pcos it sounds exactly like me. Ive always suffered from spots and have a skin tag, always been more hairy than normal but its quite fair so never thought anything of it. and just pluck or shave the darker hairs. I'm thin but carry more weight around my middle than other body parts. My periods are regular, light and pain free but have a long cycle of about 6 weeks (before i went on the pill). oh and im always tired...! I know it is bad to self diagnose through the internet but im really worried! If i do have pcos its not been affecting my life so far except the acne, but i know it can affect fertility which will be an issue in the future. Im gona ask my doctor anyway next time i go for my pill but just wanted a second opinion from any pcos sufferers or GPs out there to put my mind at ease?!

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  • PCOS suffers have very long cycles, long irregular cycles or no periods. With excess body hair.. they can have beards (male pattern kind of hair). I have PCOS and have had lazer treatment on my chin 5 times now and still get a lot of hair in that area. I had far too much hair on my face to be able to pluck. Periods with PCOS are often very painful .. and there is hormonal issues too which show up on tests. PCOS people are often overweight and have issues with being unable to loose weight. (I myself dont get any acne with the PCOS.. I didnt know that was an issue with PCOS).
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  • I too wonder if I have PCOS but I have more reason to think so. I have had ultrasounds that have revealed that I do have many cysts on my ovaries and since the last few years (they have noticed I had them at least since 2008) I have had a very hard time with depression and irregular periods. Infact last week I was due but nothing .. so it looks like it is skipping another month .... annoying because my next pelvic ultrasound is next week and I wonder (hope not) if my period will be next week instead? Never know with my body any more I have no choice but to have a liner every single day no matter what time of month it is.... I also suddenly last year had gained 20 lbs and the doctor just says it is middle age. I am very very much like my mom and she is still at the weight I was 2 years ago (a size 12). I am now a size 18. I can't accept myself like this because I was always skinny and even with age going up to 12 was acceptable as it is normal to gain weight with age. I do realize this but I am not a moron neither. There is no way that going up 2 dress sizes in 6 months is normal for me! I am the type that stays the same weight (around .. bouncing only a few numbers up and down but really same size) for years. I started a job in 2010 and bought $500 worth of clothes (no I am not rich .. disability supplied me the money for "employment start up") yet now 2011 I can't even hope to fit into them ... this is not only a health worry for me but also becoming VERY expensive ... especially without a proper diagnosis so I can get compensation for the costs through my disability. By the way I am on disability for separate unrelated issues (kidney). I do have a Gynecologist but because of all the scar tissue I have she says they will never operate so they can only "watch, wait and see how the size goes up or down or what ever..." ... Nice. I want more information. She has not actually said that I have PCOS but considering all these symptoms and all the verified cysts I have on my ovaries .. I think I have every right to wonder if it is infact PCOS that I have. It was my Gyne who said the weight gain was just age. I went for a 2nd opinion but that one just wanted to see if I could have kids as their specialty was in post-transplant pregnancies. I went back to my first one who was at least keeping an eye on things and did tell me that my test for cancer .. the numbers were higher than they should be (30 as opposed to 21) yet a biopsy showed none.
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    • August 24, 2011
    • 06:30 PM
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