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Could all of this really be from mono?

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  • Posted By: amanda88
  • June 13, 2013
  • 11:20 PM

I'm a 26 year old female and I have been feeling sick for over a year now. It began with fatigue and my heart beating in a very strange way. I had an episode where I felt my heart beating very hard and out of rythem, it was like it was seized up in a vice or something for a few seconds and my vision went black and I felt I would pass out then with a great big deep breath I recovered. I had these episodes several times and they got milder but I saw a cardiologist anyway and had several tests done (echo, stress test, several ekgs) and my heart checked out fine. By this time I was having more symptoms but my cardiologist was not interested in those. I began to have a strange feeling of being very heavy all over, felt like I was being pushed on by someone constantly, I developed swollen lymph nodes, I was so desperately thirsty all the time, Low fever, decreased appetite, weight loss (10lbs), sweating, and mood swings. One night after a larger meal than I was used to eating at the time my throat began to feel very tight and this feeling continues all the way down the front of my body and I began uncontrollably shaking and felt very cold, but registered no fever, fed up with ER visits by this time I took Ibprophin and waited to see and in a few minutes I stopped shaking. The next visit to the doctor diagnosed me with mononucleosis and the doctor told me time was the only treatment. I began to improve, gain weight, and feel almost normal with exception of some fatigue, spleen swelling, and the occasional mild heart palpitation episode. Recently the feeling of heaviness in my muscles has returned now accompanied by some dizziness. Sometimes the heaviness is severe and others my muscles, particularly my legs, feel week or like I have recently had bad muscle cramps the night before. Sometimes my head also feels like it is pressurized but not painful like a headache. My lymph nodes and spleen also feel swollen again. I have been seeing an infectious disease specialist and had tests for my immune system and regular blood workups that look good. I have been feeling sick off and on for over a year now, could this really all be from mono?

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  • I had similar symptoms once as well - over 10 years ago, only to have those same symptoms reemerge within the last several months. Have you or your doctor considered allergies or type-2 diabetes?
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    • August 18, 2014
    • 10:48 PM
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