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Coughing up blood

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  • Posted By: Sir Coughsalot
  • June 13, 2009
  • 01:50 AM

Been fighting off and on with this cough for a year and a half. There are other posts on it. Bottom line is it's back but not as bad and the other symptoms are shortness of breath that gets worse with activity, light headed, arthritis like pains from my hips down, hands and feet will turn purple when standing, feet will when sitting. It's exactly like having asthma and arthritis, plus purple feet and hands.

Had another bronchoscopy and a lavage on two days ago after a positive TB skin test and a chest xray that was just granuloma'd up enough to make the doctor not sure. Got a 103 degree fever and flue like symptoms until mid day the next day and then started coughing up blood. Thursday it looked like old blood clots or something in the morning (brown) and today it was like a 2" blob of bright solid red jelly in the shower and again in the sink a half hour later. As the day went on it got less red and it's just bloody looking mucus when I cough it up now but mostly clear with just some blood. It's all blood in the morning and as the day goes on it's just pink snot with darker streaks in it.

My Pulm. said go to the ER because he didn't take a biopsy and I shouldn't be bleeding. ER doc and another Pulm. said it's normal when they looked at the ***k I was coughing up which by this time was only "snot" with blood streaks in it. Nothing like this morning. My lungs hurt, hurt worse if I breath more than half way in and they feel cold.

ER doctor said that the Pulm said to he didn't know what to think about the cold feeling lungs so to just keep using the Flovent inhaler and keep taking my prescribed meds which seem to control the cough and the pain in the legs mostly. Omeprazole(?)2x daily, Celebrex, Allegra and a multi vitamin. I can't take tylenol or ibuprofen because my liver enzymes have been high for the last 18 months and I had a gallbladder removed 8 weeks ago. Mayo Clinic ran the gauntlet of tests on me and found infection and said my lungs were not clearing co2 like they should and I was retaining it. That was last February and so far my Pulm hasn't figured out why. The ER today did a chest xray and it was clean, no signs of anything, the tests for TB he said came back with no TB and he saw no sign of infection.

Passed the methocholine challenge test twice. Chest xrays and cat scans all come back with nothing to report.

Dunno, any suggestions?

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  • Check out Lemierre's syndrome or possibly Alpha-1 Antitripsin Deficiency.
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  • Have they considered Legionarres or asbestos?
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