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Cornucopia of symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2007
  • 03:44 AM

I have a ton of symptoms, which makes it rather hard to figure out a diagnosis because a lot of disease don't seem to cause all the symptoms at any time.

My main problem right now is with my digestive system. I haven't had any solid stool for at least a month, I have tried a number of diets and it hasn't changed anything, aside from the one time I had a cheap strawberry shortcake about 2 weeks ago. I haven't been able to replicate that.

According to the Bristol Stool chart I have mostly type 6 with occasional type 5 or type 7.

Type 7 causes burning, I have had this intermittently for years, I have no idea exactly how long.

I have abdominal pain on my left side, most likely a blockage (doctor guessed this but was never checked). I've had this at least 4 years.

I have had an ultrasound done on my stomach but the doctors couldn't show anything from it. They were specifically looking for gall problems at the time as several of my family members have gall problems.

I have been diagnosed with GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), it first showed up in September 2004, I haven't had any recurrence of sympoms since I have started always sleeping with my head propped up.

About 6 years ago I could eat several kilograms of carrots in a day. Now I can't digest them properly.

I can't digest grains properly, I occasionally have a small amount of bleeding with stool. I used to have hemorrhoids but haven't had them for about 3 months now but still have some bleeding. I'm guessing with the ammount that it's some scratching around the rectal sphincter.

I had a urinary tract infection that had me peeing solid blood almost 2 months ago. I was on antibotics for it (can't remeber which one) and it has been solved.

I had a spider bite in summer 2005, don't know what type of spider. I was on cloxacillin for it, after 2 weeks while I was still on the cloxacillin I developed an infection on the back of my knee (spider bite was on the side of the knee), I was switched off cloxacillin and switched to clindamycin and completed the clindamycin. The doctor extracted some of the fluid from the infection but they didn't find anything. Symptomatically it matched a staph infection (I figured this out about a year later), but the doctors never mentioned anything about staph.

Since September 2006 I've been hit with several bad colds. The first one had me out for about 2 months and once it left I was starting to get some bronchitis like symptoms. Some of my friends ended up developing bronchitis from it and a friend with dormant asthma got it reactivated from the cold. I've had a couple minor colds since then and I seem to have some steady chest congestion since then. The doctor prescribed me with a Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray that helped with the nasal congestion but not chest congestion (of which I still have a little bit).

I got sunburn on my face around summer 2003, since then I've had perpetual flaking. My grandmother has psoriasis and the symptoms and trigger match psoriasis.

I have a dry glans, when I was a child I had a problem with my foreskin not going back far enough. I've had a few yeast infections which seem to make it more dry. They're since a new girlfriend so I've been holding off on sex since then. The first time I had balanitis instead of a normal yeast infection. Have been using canesten for it. Apparently psoriasis can cause this as well.

I have regular muscle spasms on my forearms, arms, shoulders, mid back and around hips that are consistent with fibromyalgia. My mother has had it. I don't seem to have serious enough pain to be crippling. My right hand gets seriously inflamed when I twist it (playing Fusbal), and I have consistent joint pain and cracking in both hands - worse in right. Right hand cracking it doesn't prevent it from cracking again as the left hand or neck does. Seems to be more ligaments snapping against the joint than actual cracking.

I have cold feet all the time, even if I'm wearing socks and have them in front of a heater.

I have dry eyes quite commonly as well, and itching in the inner corner of my eyes.

That's all the symptoms I can think of right now. I plan on telling the doctor all these symptoms, but I would like some other symptoms to check for to see if I have them now or have had them before and maybe some possible disease that might be causing some of them to suggest to the doctor to maybe narrow things down.


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