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Continued Chest Pains

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  • Posted By: glenrma
  • December 13, 2006
  • 09:26 PM

I am a 36-year-old white male. I had chest pains for a few years. My primary Dr. went with acid reflux/GERD medication with no results. Then I went in for chest x-rays, imaging, upper GI test all of which showed nothing.

Went to ER in 02/2004 with chest pains. Blood work and EKG showed nothing.

Went to ER in 11/2005 with worse chest pains. Blood work and EKG showed nothing again. Had stress test done which showed nothing.

Went to ER in 09/2006 with horrible chest pains, radiating into left arm and up into the jaw area, sweating. Blood work and EKG were “inconclusive”. Admitted to hospital and had stress test the next morning which showed major blockage in right artery. An hour later had heart cath which found 99% blockage and required 3 stents. Per cardiologist I had a “minor” heart attack but luckily no heart damage.

I am now on Lipitor, Tricor, Toprol, Linisnopril, Plavix, Asprin, Nitro and Aciphex(just in case of anything reflux related). I do have high cholesterol but have drastically modified my diet and try to exercise although with continued pains that is difficult.

Over the next month I had continued chest pains and almost constant pressure. Cardiologist ordered a new stress test which showed nothing. He then scheduled another heart cath which found another large blockage in the left artery requiring another stent.

The good news is that for the most part the feeling of constant pressure was relieved after the 2nd heart cath. The bad news is that I am still having chest pains. There are two main types. The first is a dull ache type of feeling under the left breast area. It happens almost daily. It seems to be brought on by exertion and relieved with rest. The 2nd and far worse type is in the same area. It comes on with no real warning or cause. Sometimes it will even wake me up at night. The pain is very sudden and intense (but different from the pain when I had the heart attack) and feels like a cross between and hot knife stabbing and a spasm. Nitro will sometimes help this 2nd type of pain and at other times appears to have no affect at all. Afterwards I am very tired and weak feeling for a day or more and sometimes have small “achy” fluttering pains in the same area.

The cardiologist said he does not believe (based of the results of the 2nd heart cath) that the pain is cardiac however has no opinion what it might be and no suggestions as to who to see about it. I know that I can’t expect a diagnosis over the internet but please any help to get me pointed in the right direction would be appreciated. I have not been back to work since 09/2006 and have a very hard time participating in family activities. This has basically destroyed my life.

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