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Contagious joint pain?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 28, 2006
  • 02:18 AM

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Two years ago, my daughter got very sick. They didn’t know if it was arthritis or rheumatic fever. They ended up saying it was juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

About a year ago, I got a swollen wrist and now every one of my joints hurts and is swollen: wrists, arm, elbow, ankles, jaw, and knees. Everything hurts and is swollen. The tests for arthritis are negative.

My other kids are now also complaining about joint pain and my sister has joint pain and swelling too. It’s like this is contagious and nobody knows what it is. We are all tired and hurt. What could this be? We have no clues. No meds they have given me for the inflammation have worked.

Please help.

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  • If you are undiagnosed you may look into the possibility of an inbalance of flora in your intestines..Its sometimes called Gut Dysbiosis which is bacsically Yeast(Candida Albicans) taking over in your intestines.resulting in great discomfort and pain..up to about 40 different symptoms in different people and some serious diseases can be the result if untreated so I learned..Look in the internet for yeast infections..(Intestinal) and possibly also Heavy metal poisining.Check the symptoms to see if they fit..I found a website that had a lot of info.:stop yeast.comPerhaps your doctor may be able to help if he is aware of this problem ..If you have had antibiotics ,birthcontrol and other medication according to these websites you could have this condition.hopr you all get wellOJ
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    • October 4, 2006
    • 00:13 AM
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  • please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com these are sx of ME it is viral, contagious and there was an outbreak in the 80's. I've been sick for years and now, speaking with my family it seems many of us, especially the women are having several and similar symptoms. At first glance the symptoms list seems like it covers everything but as you read it, things will occur to you that you may have disregarded before. Please do yourself and your family a favor and at least look at symptoms page...good luck...mommy cat
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  • O.k, I'd like to take a poll, because I am also starting to think there is some contagious infection around where I live and have thought this for a few months now. It's alarming how prevelant illness has become where I live. People seem to want to ignore the fact that there is some sort of outbreak occurring, but more and more people are getting sick and it's not going away!!!! Question:-If anyone reading this feels they have a contagious condition - What state do you live in??- Has anyone told their Dr's they believe they are contagious?-Have you spoken to the others that are sick, and is there a consenscious that what is going on is spreading?Although the hummingbird thing is a bit overkill, some people may actually have ailments, I have to agree, there is some weird stuff going around..and it does seem near epidemic, where I live anyway - NEW YORK STATE. Please, people who read this, respond, and let's see if we can get some supportive data here, this could be more serious that anyone know.
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  • I am Mommy Cat and I live in NY also. I have been a medical professional for 21 years. Healthcare workers, teachers and students are at highest risk...It may seem like overkill but just a few days ago I decided to check this forum for people having ME symptoms...The results are STAGGERING...This is not a joke...there was an outbreak in the 80's...I'm a 38 year old educated, intelligent A+ student who has difficulty remembering something by the time I get to the top of the stairs....PLEASE take info to Dr. I'm taking mine to my next appt...Read my thread posted 3-26-07 "It's a mystery until we solve it" There is much info re my story and info to help you too...mommy cat
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  • Where in NY do you live?? I'm between Albany/ Syracuse
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  • Dear contagious joint pain...my e-mail address is bentnoteblues@netscape.net if you want, you can e-mail me instead of discussing our whacked out theory here...mommy cat
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  • I live in Albany, NY...If this isn't a wacked out theiry, maybe the discussion should stay public. I've been asking about location because I'm trying to establish a pattern here. This could be the case, but my symptoms are going on over a year.
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  • I live in Albany NY
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  • I had my first episode of facial flushing 10 years ago...I've had nightsweats on/off for years...3 years ago I started with flushing again, it was progressive...then the diarrhea, flushing, near fainting, vomiting and stroke-like sx leaning to L, facial droop, unable to articulate my words....Just to let you know, I've already heard from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and California...I live near Utica...Albany is a stones throw...Are you in healthcare, a teacher or a student...I only ask because these are the high risk groups...Keep in touch...I'm off to Dr in am, they moved my appt from 2 mos to 2 days when I called yesterday with this info...Be Well...mommy cat
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  • Mommycat, my mother is a nurse. I started to feel ill after a few months of visiting my dieing grandfather in the hospital and the nursing home where he died. My father, and 2 brothers are also teachers. I work in a company where people travel quite often, all across the country. Please let me know what your Dr. says. I'm givign up at this point, but maybe you can do something about this. I've been researching for about 1 year now, and have been to countless Dr's. I've gotten progressively worse. Albany Girl
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  • I'm from MA and I have it. I moved to FL, met a new guy am engaged and now all of the sudden he has "it". I contacted former BF in MA, he has same symptoms. Please look under my posts sosikofthis.
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  • I have it and I live in VA. It affects MY left side. I have been to every 'ologist' around and get "well,there is something wrong, but its not my area of knowledge". I have been on 68 courses of antibiotics in the last 60 months. I had the pharmacy print my history and highlighted all of the prescriptions for antibiotics or antifungals. In these 60 months I had 2 children - w/out meds. I know pain! and this is worse when it peaks. I also have an elevated IGE level and have red hair and fair skin. Recently developed food allergies wheat, latex... I believe that their IS something going on that "THE MAN" thinks either too scary , too liable or too profitable for them( the drug co., dr.'s lawyers, insurance co.) for public consumption. Please keep this topic up. Maybe we can get somewhere!!
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  • Hmmmm......I've been trying to pinpoint my start of symptpms. I was in FL then.....but it has been a progression of things. I do recall getting a weird rash and some fatigue in another state a little earlier in WV. I had a "crazy" thought 15 years ago. I tested patients for Dementia at a prominent clinic. Lots of AD patients. Intense. I spent about 3 hours sitting across from the patient. My thought was, "wouldn't it be ironic if I ended up with AD?" I also wondered what would happen to me as a result of being exposed to ALS (Lou Gherig's disease). Sometimes if a spouse gets ALS, the other spouse is later diagnosed with it, too!!!! Believe me, I am not a germ freak! I don't believe being around sick people will get you sick....but I always had the thought in the back of my mind. Now I truly do feel like I have Alzheimer's! I have even been getting a little lost in less familiar parts of my town. That was surprising to me...not being able to figure out where I should turn to go in the direction I was planning. Concentration is difficult. I used to handle all of our finances, but after my 1st preg. the brain fog started. Actually, it was during the preg. that I had trouble adding! I attributed it to hormones...and it probably was....but I have trouble doing silly things like organizing laundry, simple problem solving. As I am typing now, my fingers ache (2nd joint from tip). Of course I have many more symptoms. I have worked in a hospital setting since I was 18. I worked in a lab and had serum splashed in my eye (from a very sick baby that they couldn't figure out what was wrong, but was neg for HIV, Hep A,B,C), 15 years ago. So.....I went off on a tangent. Back to the where: I have lived in several places. FL. MD, PA, WV. I also lived on a military base for 2 years, but I started getting sick before that.
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  • And the bug is................................................. LYMES ! Lyme proceeds in stages. Rheumatoid and ALS and MS are later stages.Traditional docs will not know squak about it. I have explored it for a few years and some of my patients do and have had it. Only get tested thru Bowen or Igenix labs. Lots of excellent info at www.lymenet.org Current opinion of many is that antibiotic use is good in early stages, but does not help a lot after the bug has established residency for a few months. There are some herbals et al that can be helpful. Also have heard that HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) followed by Far Infrared Sauna can be very helpful. IME many MDs have blinders on. Not sure why so many here get no diagnosis or a wrong one and then continue with tradtional docs that have served them poorly. Would love to see answers to that.
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  • Val...makes no difference where you are from or have been...I've heard from several states already...Someone will be catching on soon...I've contacted the local health dept with all of this info...and the CDC...I've been trying to tell you from the beginning and I know people are upset...they think I'm "spamming"...I'm helping....several...slowly but surely...keep in touch...mommy cat
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  • I started with what I thought to be contagious joint pain, fatigue, malaise, etc then started getting dizzy off and on with the pain. Now my dizziness is constant and it also includes floaters, and severe pressure in my head, pinching in my heart, heart palpitations, neck pain, fluey feeling off and on. (I have to jack myself up on 3-4 vicoden a day just to feel semi ok and even then the head pressure continues along with a slew of other symptoms. I'm looking into seeing a Lyme Dr. I have exhausted all other avenues.My mom was recently dx'd with polyfibromyalgia rhuematica (??), parvo B-19 virus. My grandmother has fibromyalgia. It's such a crazy thing to go through. My Dr's probably think I'm nuts, thank god my mother knows that I'm really sick. My BF also complains of same pains, dizziness etc. I've been tested for syphilis 3 times (my symptoms mimic nuero-syphilis). GGGgggrrr it's so frustrating!!!!!
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  • you are not nuts and neither am I...but, I just might be by the end of all this madness...Did you look at ME site??? You symptoms are there...so are mine...so are SEVERAL others...I'm here...mommy cat
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  • P.S. You don't have syphillis...I don't have Carcinoid....My friend doesn't have Lupus...My sister in law doesn't have Lyme disease...My aunt doesn't have MS...Now we all know what we DON"T HAVE... Let's try to figure out what we do have...mommy cat
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  • Mommy Cat, I read over the site and I must say it's VERY VERY interesting. I have almost every symptom there. I noticed if I'm sedentary for the day, I feel ALMOST okay. If I were to go grocery shopping all my symptoms pop up real bad. Any amount of physical exertion causes a "flare up" to the point where I feel like I'm dying, hence the 14 ER visits over the years. The one thing I noticed is, I ALWAYS have a UTI (didn't remember reading this on hummingbird). I do feel my symptoms subside on antibiotics about 30%. It's strange, I know. The pain in my joints I can handle (due to pain meds), but it's the nuerological ones I cannot. I get this INTENSE intercranial pressure that makes me feel like my head is going to explode, it's very very scary. Thanks again!
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  • so sick...did you read the entire symptoms page??? UTI's frequent...ME symptom I have most myself and the same story...If I veg...I'm OK...If I over do it...I'm dying too...Best of luck and I'm here...My post is titled"It's a mystery until we solve it" if you haven't already read it...Be Well and Godspeed...mommy cat
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