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Constantly Tired

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  • Posted By: iksotof
  • July 6, 2007
  • 11:42 AM

Hello, for around 9 weeks now I have been constantly tired. What little sleep I get is unrefreshing. Despite being exhausted I cannot get a quality sleep of any lenghth, hour here or there, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, just not enough. If I do seemingly drop off for what may be a decent sleep I wake up feeling confused and sometimes have strange racing dreams that kind of make me scared to try sleep.

I get dull headaches on the left side of my head (sometimes right) and sometimes blurry vision. Limbs feel heavy with slight pins and needles and sometimes I feel like my legs cannot support me though they actually do. I am constanly in a feeling like I have the flu at varyiing levels of intensity. Occasionally (daily) I get what seems to be a rush emitting from my head down to arms and extnding through the rest of methat seems to debiltate me and makes me agitated, stressed and extremly edgy, almost like a stroke with accomapanying consufsion, like my left side is my right and vice versa. i just want to lie down. I cannot even stand and walk for substained periods without feeling exhausted.

I am off work due to the condition. I have been to my doctor, had blood tests which are all clear including thyroid etc. My apetitie is decreased and although I am eating I have lost arounf 8lbs in 4 weeks which considering I am no longer doing the gym due to the illness (last 4 weeks and used to 3 0r 4 times weekly) is another concern. Currently doc thinks I am stressed and anxious and has put me on a course of anti depressants - no history of this and I don't particulalry have a stressful life to my mind. I am not certain how stress could manifest itself in the physical reactions I am having either, then again I am not a medical person.

I am at my whits end with worry and fed up of exisitng in this conditition with no diagnosis. All this came out of the blue with no previous record of illness. I am 37 and slightly overweight but don't smoke, do drink quite heavily but not touched a drop for a over week in the hope it may help.

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  • Hello there-I was in a similar condition that you are for almost 3 months, but my main symptom was extreme fatigue. I had tens of test and the reason behind my condition was a gland virus (that can be shown from your virological blood tests). I am far from being an expert, but I would suggest you to see a neurologist, if you haven't done so. My main advice would be to remain calm, although from experience, I know that it is difficult when you don't know what's wrong with you. However, panic will not make things better. I think that the meds will help you cope with the psychological aspects of your condition, they have been a great help to me. You won't be taking them for ever! As far as psychosomatic illnesses are concerned, bear in mind that most of them are induced by biochemical anomalies in the brain, so they are actual diseases like any other!Try to remain calm and help yourself by eating a balanced diet and resting when you feel like it until you get better!
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  • You say you are feeling like you have flu, you could have a virus of some kind.. Make sure your doctor has tested you for things for common things such as EBV (glandular fever), Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and any other thing infectious things he can think of which you could have. Also make sure he's done general chemistry test on your blood and a complete blood exam too. Im thinking that you have more than just depression there (thou depression can cause all kinds of symptoms). "I am at my whits end with worry and fed up of exisitng in this conditition with no diagnosis." You WILL get a diagnoses. Im saying this as if they cant find out what is wrong with you and your condition persists, your symptoms then would also fit into a classical CFS/ME illness description. This is a diagnoses which one really dont want (and cant be officially diagnosed till someone has had problems for 6 mths)..so i hope your doctor finds something else wrong. If in about 3 mths, if you are still ill then, it would become essential to be seeking out a CFS specialist. (I strongly suggest not to go researching CFS unless you are still sick in 2-3 mths time without a known cause..as it could cause completely unnecessary worry).
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  • Please know that the 6 month period is waranted only by the people who set the standards and make the rules. They are only guidelines set to throw others off from getting a diagnosis. 6 months is a long time to wait, when you know you are ill. Hope you are feeling better soon...mommy cat
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  • Oh my goodness- this sounds just like me- i have had these same symptoms for weeks now and NO ONE can tell me why- my doctor tried telling me yesterday that I must be depressed and then went on to ask me several ququestions regarding my life- which I am very happy with. I tried to tell him that at 35 I should not feel this tired. He said that since all of my blood work came back within normal limits it must be depression- UUUUGH I am so frustrated! Please if you find anything out email me Hines4@ec.rr.comThank you
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  • maybe you have narcolepsy?? my sister had similar symptoms where she was continuously tired and she was always sleeping through her classes in college so she went to a doctor that deals with narcolepsy and they gave her medication that she has to take everyday to help her stay awake throughout the day and feel energized
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  • You may want to consider a systemic yeast infection. I started with an untreated toe nail infection and it has now spread to my kidneys. My general symptom are: constantly tired, loss of balance, difficulty concentrating, feeling vaguely "flu-y" but not developing any cold or flu. Ask for another blood test.
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  • 9 weeks on the other hand is a very short period of time to sentence somebody to a life of being ill and aggravate even further the stress they already feel. Not every condition in this forum is CFS and fatigue remains one of the most common symptoms of countless diseases, other serious and other not. There is a reason why doctors give 6 months to diagnosing CFS: so that they don’t scare people without a reason.
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  • Hi,You have the same symptoms as myself. I have gotten a lot better in fact a complete change with a change in diet. I would recommend that you cut out sugar, alcohol and fatty foods and be sure to drink plenty of water for at least a fortnight to see what happens. At first you will still feel a bit rough, but that is because your body is adjusting. After a week bring in some exercise, stretches and running for about two miles 3 times a week. Your body needs a balance of minerals and vitamins - at least 5 fruit/veg a day with a low intake of red meats.After a fortnight, you can on the occasion like once a week go for a few drinks, have a take-out, but just make sure you keep up the good eating and exercise. Good Luck!!
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    • August 19, 2008
    • 09:53 AM
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  • I have had the same feeling for what seems like all my life, although i have always done alot of activity and it is very hard to tell as i am only 16! However i found out at aproximatly the age of 12 that i have an underactive thyroid which is quite common but mainly in adult and feeling tired is the main sytom so this cold possibily be what is wrong? You can find out through your doctors by having a blood test and another symptom might be a defined lump in your throat just below the Adams apple.
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    • September 3, 2010
    • 06:05 PM
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