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Constant Vomiting - 3yrs now

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 29, 2008
  • 04:54 AM

My step-dad is, 41, I believe. Lol. He has hardly ever gotten sick in the 18yrs I have known him. About 3yrs ago we had some family problems(arguing and such) with my sister and this is about when it started. Every time he would eat, he would start coughing very roughly and he would take off to the restroom and throw up his entire meal. Some days he will come in and just not eat at all, because he would say he felt as tho it just wouldn't stay down. Some days he'll come in and say he knows its not gonna stay, but he was starving and eats anyway and throws it up.

Here recently he has been complaining of a headache and it just won't go away. We have tried EVERY medicine we could think of and nothing works, not even migraine medicine. He says that the "head on" stuff HELPS but does not relieve it completely.

In the 18 years I have known him he has never called into work sick and NEVER slept very late at all and I have never really gotten up before him(expect maybe on Christmas, lol) and he just cant seem to get up the energy to do ANYTHING. Some days he'll sleep past 12 o' clock. No energy what so ever.

We usually live pay check to pay check and with the way things are now, him sick and cant work and the prices of every thing going up, we just cant afford a doctor and he just doesn't like going to a doctor, in fact he hasn't been to one since he was a child.

When it first started we thought it may have just been stress, but now we just don't know what to do. He WONT go to a doctor and we don't know how to help him any longer.

Can anyone give us any suggestions?

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  • Could maybe be ulcers? I dunno, Just a suggestion.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 1, 2008
    • 06:02 PM
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  • HiLooks like your dad is sick to the stomach over the argument that happened over your sister. Disease of the body is Dis-ease. The body can hold onto emotional problems and it affects many different organs. There is a direct link from the brain to the stomach so I am not surprised he has headaches. It usually is a build up of pressure resulting from an emotion ie: anger, blame, guilt, resentment etc. A spiral effect can happen, losing interest for all other areas of life over a period of time. It is very challenging being a step parent and I feel your dad has been affected by this outburst and needs to revisit the incident by way of visualisation and then release and forgive himself and your sister. Forgiveness of ourselves and of others releases us from the past. Then we are able to live in the moment:) He is very lucky to have you as his support.Visualisatin that I use:Sit quietly, close your eyes and allow your mind and body to relax.Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theatre looking at a stage. Make it as lovely as you can.See the person you are having a problem with walk up onto the stage. See good things happen to them and when you are ready, go up to the stage and give them a big bouquet of flowers and say to them, I wish you all the best for the future. See them smiling at you.The above visualisation dissolves the held emotion and you will notice how much lighter you feel. It may need to be completed a few times until all the emotion is gone. (some incidents took me a dozen or so LOL)This is the technique I have used many a times over the years and it has been a blessing.My favourite saying is: My how things have changed since I've changed.Good Luck to you and your dadLove and Light in the highestCalmsoul :)
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 2, 2008
    • 07:52 AM
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  • This sounds very similar to a co-worker's illness last year. He was so dehydrated from constant vomitting (over a period of many weeks) that he was hospitalized. The doctors concentrated on different stomach ailments and diseases but nothing added up or helped. After a week of hospitalization, a doctor suggested he receive a CT scan and MRI on his HEAD. They ended up finding a tumor in his brain that was causing his symptoms. Please talk your stepfather's doctor into running these tests. You never know.I hope your stepfather finds an answer soon. Best of luck.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 3, 2008
    • 01:45 AM
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  • Thanks for your help. I really appreciate your opinion. If anyone one else has any physical illnesses that they think could be the cause of this it would be greatly appreciated.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • October 3, 2008
    • 08:10 PM
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  • Sounds neurological, because of the headache, but the headache could be from the dehydration, so possibly something along the lines of reflux?
    qwertyuiop123 453 Replies
    • October 4, 2008
    • 04:03 AM
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  • I agree with the suggestion to have a brain MRI...but it sounds like your dad won't go to a doctor...Try giving him one or two teaspoons of PeptoBismal before meals...let it settle for about 20 minutes. Maybe that will help.It also does sound like it started with emotional problems, but this is a long time. Since he is not getting up in the mornings, or working, it more sounds emotional. Again, maybe you could get him to go to your local mental health center. They can also tell him if it is more likely a physical problem.Sometimes an ear problem can cause nausea; if he has a hair tickling his eardrum, for example, or fluid or wax stuck in his ear.
    marionstar 228 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 02:26 AM
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  • Maybe have his Iron levels and Vitamin D levels checked just a suggestion. I have been going through the same thing and found out about my levels and they are way off. So hopefully these symptoms will stop after the levels get straightened out. Good Luck and Best Wishes
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