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Constant twitching

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  • Posted By: TwitchyBt
  • November 14, 2009
  • 07:32 PM

I am a 44 year old male. I’ve had back troubles for many years and have been going to a Chiropractor for adjustments for approximately 8 years now. The problems have been in the lumbar region in the past and I’ve experienced numbness, stabbing pains, and crawling sensations in my left leg. The treatments have always helped ease these symptoms. However, I’ve recently begun having extreme stiffness in my neck and horrible pain when moving my neck side to side and up and down. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with excruciating back pain, usually I just get up and sit in the recliner as this seems to help. I’ve also recently been having a lot of muscle twitching going on. I’ve had muscle twitches in the past but nothing like it is now. For about the past month, the twitching is almost constant, I say almost because I wonder if I just don’t notice it sometimes. As I sit here writing this it is constant, jumping from one area to another. The twitching doesn’t hurt or anything, it is just annoying, and makes me wonder what the heck is going on. The twitching takes place pretty much all over my body, but occurs more often in certain areas. I’ll list the areas that seem to be the most active.
Both feet, tops and bottoms and sides
Both calves
Knees, front of leg and back
Thighs, mostly the back of the leg
Chest , most common below the rib cage
Back, most common under the shoulder blades
Hands, mostly the right one, and mainly in the index finger and thumb
Bottom eyelid on my right eye, this one can go non stop for days
The twitching can be almost anywhere else, but these are the most common areas. I’ve visited my family doctor about 3 weeks ago and told him about the problems I’ve had and he had an MRI done on my spine. The readings of the MRI showed only minimal degenerative changes at multiple levels. Some narrowing of the opening for the nerve to go out the upper extremities in the middle of the cervical spine at the C4-C5 area, but he says this is probably not causing my discomfort. In the lumbar spine, there was also evidence of degenerative changes and some bone spurs. Also some mild disk space narrowing between the vertebrae. He recommends to continue PT at the chiropractor for my back pain…that’s cool, I can live with that. He also said that my blood count showed an elevated hemoglobin count and my liver enzymes were slightly elevated. He wants to recheck this in one month. He didn’t say anything about my twitching in the letter, however. Is the twitching normal with the back issues, or maybe with the liver thing? Has anyone else had these symptoms? I’ve also noticed now that there is kind of like a vibrating feeling in my right ankle area. This has only started about two days ago, but comes and goes for hours at a time. Any advice or information would be appreciated, thanks.

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