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Constant Radiating Leg Pain and No Diagnosis in teen. Not one dr knows what it is.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 16, 2011
  • 09:07 PM

I am a female athlete who started having pain in my left leg 4 months ago. It started out as a radiating pain near my ankle that just radiated up (from my left ankle) about 5-6 inches. Any increased activity level severely aggravates the pain. About two months ago, the pain traveled up to around my fibular head. The pain is somewhat achy and wakes me up at night. Same pain, same situation..just in another location. So at this point, the pain is near my ankle and near my fibular head all on my left leg. My pain level was only increasing and NOTHING made it better besides a moist heating pad (tried ice, otc pain relievers, physical therapy, no sports or exercising, a walking boot,elevating, etc.). 3 weeks ago, the pain traveled to yet another location..in the center of the back of my lower thigh (just above the knee about 5 inches). Same pain but hurts worse when prolong sitting (like in school). So I have had an xray of the lower leg (sitting and standing), a bone scan of whole leg, an MRI of my lower leg, MRI of my lumbar spine, MRI of my pelvis, an EMG, and 2 ultrasounds all coming back NORMAL. I have seen 4 different orthopedic doctors from two different practices and 3 different pain management doctors from two different practices. My new pain management doctor who I am seeing knows that is it definitely nerve pain since my pain is exactly where the superficial peroneal nerve runs along with the distribution of my sciatic nerve. However, nobody knows what is causing it. I have tried nerve meds that I use for sleep from the side effects. No pain relief. Humidity makes it worse and my pain level is severe. The pain escalates when I stand, walk, and sit for long periods. I can not run, ride a bike, or jump. Any ideas?

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