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Constant pain and discomfort with no answers

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 19, 2007
  • 06:05 PM

Starting back in November, after dinner I had awful stomach cramps and had to immediately go to the bathroom. I had very loose stools and after going I had the worst pain in my right side under my ribs and around to the back. The pain subsided eventually and then I had a continuous full feeling just below the sternum and I felt like I had to belch and would sometimes feel nausous. About a week of this feeling I ate tacos and with in 5 hours I was in such severe pain that I could not bend at the waste, was vomiting and felt like I was having a heart attack. I went to the ER and was giving a chest x-ray, blood drawn, and an ultrasound for gall stones. Nothing was found and I was sent home with vicodin. The discomfort continued for another week so I went to my regular doctor. I was put on levoquin in case I had a stomach infection. I had a barium swallow done and no acid reflux, ulcers, tumors... everything negative. I also had another ultrasound. No gall stones, nothing wrong with stomach, kidneys, liver, pancreas etc. Referred to a GI and was given double dose of Prevacid and a smooth muscle relaxer. This doesn't help. They think I could have a stomach bacteria but aren't sure. Haven't had the upper GI done yet. I am constantly feeling full and it can hurt so bad it radiates into my chest and up to my armpits. When I do not have that feeling, I have discomfort under my right ribcage and around to the back on the right side. This discomfort sometimes goes all the way to my shoulder. Any suggestions on this might be? Any suggested tests that I should request of my doctor. I have a long history of gall stones in my family (mother, grandmother, great grandmother). I also have lactose intollerance and celiacs disease in the family (negative for both). I already have IBS. I am 28 years old 5'9" and 180lbs. Any thoughts would be great.

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  • hey i am having similar symptoms right right side discomfort in my stomach that travels to my back sometimes upper right back sometimes lower right back.. these symptoms have presented itself to me after a bad infection or stomach flu.. just wondering if you found any thing at all that can cause this
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  • Sounds like you could have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had the same symptoms and it took 4 years to get disgnosed. 6 months after that I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, which the primary diagnosis, and CFS is secondary. As time went on more symptoms emerged, until I had 57 symptoms. When abdominal pain is the primary symptom, as was in my case, they are not looking for CFS, or any autoimmune disease. Have them check you for EBV. Seems most people with CFS have chronic Epstein Barr, or mono. If you've had mono anytime in your life, it can come back chronic, which is one of the suspected causes of CFS. I never even knew of a time I had mono prior to the CFS diagnosis. Go to www.cdc.gov/cfs and read everything they have on it.I am a RN, and I recommend anyone having problems getting diagnosed to go to a holistic DO. I went to a variety of 13 MD's who specialize in one thing or another & could not diagnose me. It wasn't until I went to a holistic DO that I started getting diagnosed. They run many different tests that MD's don't. Hope this helps
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  • Just wanted to say as personal experience.......... I had sludge around my gall bladder that wasn't picked up by Ultrasounds, CT scans etc, it wasn't until I pushed for a exploratory laparscopy that it was discovered. While this may not be the case your symptoms fit to a tee don't they ? Anyway, keep pushing, if one doctor can't help and gives up on you move onto another. Best of luck I know how frustrating and painful life is being undiagnosed and having chronic pain every day Sammyhttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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