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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 8, 2010
  • 06:01 PM

Please someone help me!!!! im 25 years old and last june i started boxing training before that i kept active with the odd jog and game of football lifting weights etc with no problems at all. About 2months into the boxing training i used a neck brace thing to strenghten my neck muscles ( stupid i no) a few days later my lower back was sore as ***l, my back got worse and worse in the end in early september about a month after injurieng my back a went to a physio, the first time he saw me i explained what happend he did the usual manupulation etc but on thing he did was turn me on my back got me to squeeze my legs 2gether with his hands between my knees as i did he jerked his hands then a massive clunk in my pelvis near the pubic region!!!! i was like what on earth was that!!! he reassured me that it was my pelvis out of position blah blah blah. Anyways that was about september 11th last year i carried on with a weekly trip to him my got a little better i had my debut fight september 25th and won. MY back got worse again and 1 day about october 20th was the start of my living NIGHTMARE i woke up with servere pain above my penis area like the lowest point of your stomach like the pubic bonearea if u will! it was agony the pain was such i could not get an erection with my girl, i went doctors who gave me sodium diclafenac to take plus i went to the physio who said its probably just been irratated at the front with a bit of movement thus this inflamation and pain, i took the tablets for a week or so rested after 2weeks of erection problems and pain, my pain went and my erections came back lol. i went back to boxing again ok for the first week, i did some sprints ( mid november) then it triggered of that pain above my penis again, this time it was worse i stopped boxing took tablets to no avail. BY december i had erection problems servere pain and my lower back was killing me i stopped the physio trips cause he was no help.He gave me orthotics to wear in my footwear saying it was the way i put my right foot out causing my pelvis to to tilt causing friction at the front. Over xmas the pain got worse i kept having massive pain attacks above my penis so servere was the this pain i contenplated suicide it was sheer agony like something was eating me from the inside just above my penis! i went private had an mri scan of my pelvis january 2nd which revealed nothing, the orthapedic specialist was confused and refered me to a urologist cause the pain was causing me erection and urinary problems.I have had prostate checked, urine checked, blood checked, liver checked, kidneys checked, ultra sound of testes checked all fine. My erections came back a bit better through mid january but the pain remind but its travelled i now have servere pain in my lower right back which gets worse when sitting, servere pain in my groin on the right hand side through my **m cheek and around the genitals everyday is torture i am so depressed i am awaitng results of an mri scan of my lower back i am praying the pain is coming from there but why all these pains around my penis i have no diagnosis my docter is useless! please someone help me its now march and ive been in constant pain since october, what started out as a back problem has turned into this nightmare.

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  • This sounds to me like a hernia. They are sometimes very difficult to diagnose, and men often get them in their groin area.
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  • i have been checked for hernias and im fine, i had a mad pain attack last night, a sheer burning pain behind my penis like behind my testicles in the scrotum area and base of my penis, it lasted all night i was in agony like something is getting tighter and tighter, the pain is horrific, i have constant pain in that area. This has been going on since october im so depressed
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