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Constant Headaches, Black Outs, Dizziness

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  • Posted By: sarahc_12
  • August 22, 2010
  • 04:14 PM

I am a 16 year old girl and I have headaches every day, and I feel dizzy and nausas. At least once a day I black out, but I don't lose conciousness and it only lasts a couple of seconds. Pretty much I can't see for a couple of seconds. It usally happens when I am walking. There is another type of blacking out I do, but it only happens when I am menstrating. I'll start to feel nausas, flushed and dizzy then all of a sudden it feels like a bomb went off in my head, and I can't see for a about a minute and I can't hear anything but a really loud ringing noise. I can't stand up during it, and I am completly conscience through it. It is extremely painful. It takes about 2 minutes to pass. Also out of no where I will start to feel nasuas and dizzy, and the back of my neck will hurt and my head. My chest feels tight then I have to go lay down.
I can feel perfecly fine then all of a sudden I feel like crap.
I went to the doctor and they said that it was my heart and they performed a bunch of test,and they all came back normal. The doctor said that they don't know what it is, So they refferred me to a cardiologist to get a second look.
The cardiologist put a 30 day heart monitor on me. Then he sent me to get a tilt table test, which I passed. They were checking for POTS, which I don't have. Then they had a CT done. The CT was clean. He said my heart is fine so they referred me to a neurologist,
He had me get a EEG done. During the EEG they had be blow a pin will for 3 minutes, after about 30 seconds I almost passed out. I became flushed, nasuas, my head hurt worse, and I counldn't catch my breath. They also did the thing were they put a light that flashes in front of your face. It made me feel a little wierd but I didn't have a seizure. I find out the results for that test next week.
If any one has any insight on what is going on please tell me. I can not take these head aches anymore. :( None of the medince they have given me works. (Treximet- makes it worse, Cephadyn- makes me sleepy, doesnt work, Mindrin- helps a little, but not much and only for like an hour.)

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