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  • Posted By: Owenprice123
  • April 3, 2007
  • 09:54 AM

I have recently arrived in China to teach english for 5 months. I have been here for a month and a half and have gradually began to notice a tingly feeling in my toes, feet, fingers and hands that has started to spread to my lowe leg and lower arms. This tingly feeling is also accompanied by pins and needles, slight itching and numbness.
I am 24 years of ages, fit athletic man.
I have heard anxiety can cause these symptoms but also that it could be neurosis? Diabetes? MS? and many others.
Any qualified help would appreciated.

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  • I work for a doctors office and recently we had a patient that began having tingling then numbness in her toes....she couldn't separate her toes even....next it moved into her legs and she fell in her yard. Was brought in and checked out and told to return in 2 days if no better. She called and it had then moved to her hands and arms the weakness and had to use both hands to hold a cup. My doctor called a neurosurgeon to see her as soon as she could get up there.....her diagnosis was Guillen Barre (excuse the spelling its 5 in morning). She is one of the lucky ones though and didn't end up in bed or on machines to help with breathing.Are you having the weakness or just tingling? I talked to our patient yesterday and she is able to walk around now without help and is out and about already. Let me hear from you again to see how it goes.Have you taken any new medicines? Did you have to take any vaccines going over there for so long? Did this start soon after you got there or just now? I know your diet is different, mine of course is when I go to Greece. You may be allergic to something they use in seasonings.
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  • I had a typhoid fever injection 21st feb before i left but i had one before 3 years earlier and suffered no side affects. The food could be a possibility as i do not speak much chinese never mind read the menus i'm not entirely sure what i'm eating. At the moment i am mainly eating bread, beans, vegetables, pork, duck chicken, fish beef but i can't be any more specific than that. I have been here for 6 weeks now and tingling as been getting gradually worse, at first my toes wiould just feel the cold in the morning, but now there is tingling in fingers toes and feet and a cramp feeling especially in my right leg. Any idea? Would exercise help? The town i live in is quite dirty polluted, could an infection cause this! I also seem to be getting dehydtrated quickly...is this anxiety or something serious? Finally,I had a slight head rush today when i got up and felt a little disorientated but nothing serious. I recently went to beijing and saw a chinese medicine doctor who when feeling my pulse said i had neurosis and the blood was not pumping around my body that well and this is why i was feeling cold or tingly?? I await your response.Thanks for your time Owen
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  • Have you checked online about reactions to the typhoid fever shot? Even though you had had one few years back it could still happen. People take medicine for years then all of a sudden develop a reaction to it. I would first check that. A guy online that I know took a vaccine required for service going overseas and he is still having problems from it. No, I don't think you are just having anxiety. A person knows their own body and its telling you that something is going on. While anxiety can cause stress over the fact of what you are going thru isn't going to help you....you had the feelings first right? then the anxiety of not knowing what it was. Are you happy where you are? Do you think going to this place was a mistake? As for the blood not moving around your body, you said you were 24 y/o and healthy active so wouldn't think you would all of a sudden develop the kind of problems with circulation. Circulation problems when they occur say for instance in a diabetic, they will get it to their feet mostly. A smoker who has circulation problems may have darker under the nails of their hands, coldness to the hands or maybe to the feet...but thats from long term, heavy smoking and usually older than you are before those symptoms appear.My thinking still is either from the vaccine or allergy to something you are eating. lol I know what you mean about not knowing the menu..I go to Greece every year and stay with a relative of a relative and I have to ask her what it is before I will eat it!! And I know they use stuff I have never even seen before to cook and season with. I am sure you are drinking bottled water...right? I wouldn't eat any fruit unless its the kind you can peel. xmmm am trying to think how to order food that would help you out to eat but be careful there. Are there any friends perhaps that have been there that know the language better? I don't eat chicken overseas...omg I saw them in Greece so unless at Zoes I don't eat them.As for the dirty pollution, just be sure you drink nothing but the bottled water.
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  • just re-read about your pulse....does yours run low? It can give you the "head rush" feeling and the coldness feeling if it drops too low. You may not be getting around as much since you haven't been feeling as well.Mine drops sometimes and I can usually tell for I get cold, hands cold, and a weird feeling is only way I can describe it. Then when I move around and get it back up its better.Do you have these symptoms at all times of the day? do they ever go away?
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  • I am a little dissapointed in China, I was told there would be other foreign teachers here and there are not so it is a little tough, but i like my job here and the opportunities to travel are good.I am still pretty active, i cycle to work 20 mins there 20 mins back mon -fri and i am onmy feet when teaching so although i'm not playing rugby or training 3 times a week i am still moderately active, should i up my exercise? When i went to a health check two weeks into my stay here in China the chinese nurse also said i had a bad heart, just from feeling my pulse, so i think your right, somethings a little off...plus the doctor in beijing!Any suggestions for me on steps to take to help deal with this?Will check abou typhoid now.Owen
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  • Owen, you are describing sx of ME go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com write down your sx good luck
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