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concussion - 7 months after

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 25, 2007
  • 06:22 PM

Default concussion - 7 months after, help needed!!!
7 months ago i was assaulted and suffered concussion, i was unconcious for a few minutes. I was taken to casualty where i was "examined" by a doctor then allowed to go home being told my symptoms should clear up within a few hours/days.
About 3 weeks after this many of my symptoms were still very much there such as headaches(which were worse than at the start at this point!), dizziness, sick feeling, sleep disturbance etc. I was given pain kileers and then told it can take a few months to clear up.
This continued for a while so i continued to keep visiting my GP as the headaches especially were getting agonising and really affecting my life.
Now, at this point, almost 8 months later, my headaches are debilitating me and have stopped me working, socialising and everything!
The pain is hard to explain but ill try...sometimes i feel great tension and pressure, its there everyday now, feels like my head is going to explode and i get like rushes of blood to my head feeling. Ive noticed my eyes sometimes feeling weak now aswell as if their struggling to focus. Its noticiably worse when i wake up in the morning, it starts pounding as soon as i open my eyes.
Anyway i havent had a CT or MRI or anything like that o even been able to talk to a nuerologist as of yet!?! I have managed to get a CT scan arranged for next week after a 7 week wait. im on loads of tablets and im only 20!
Has anybody had any experience with this kind of thing? Or any ideas about what could be wrong with me?
This is really frightening me as the longer its being left the worse its getting and feel as if im getting nowhere with the GPs ive spoken too.
please any advice would be so gratefully received!!!!!!

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  • i know about this - it has been over a year and a half since i had my last fall (a few - building accidents, assaults, ladder falls, falling over in the dark) - they seem to come easier now and with worse consequences) and am unable to much at all now. Was A level student, Visual artist, furniture maker, arch draughting, sporting person.. Was at University when things started going wrong... Can hardly go for a walk or much without have ing to rest for a day or two inbetween.. you know headaches, dizzies, irritabilty.. the doc. says i have anxiety - and you wonder why. ACC (nz) cut me off or out of any help even afdter admitting i couldnt work anymore. i have no income at all. Have had to sell most of my posessions to pay bills. I applied for a new job as the other couldnt take me back and they (ACC) stopped me from going to the interview sighting poor health etc. I forget stuff by the time i have walked from one end of the house to the other and leave a trail of destruction by the end of the day. My partner supports me and cares for me. I have a lawyer on my case, but has taken nearly 8 months to get nowhere. I cant take noise or light or crowds (visual stimulus)..even televsion hurts. All i can say is dont let it happen to your head anymore - it gets worse each time... and no one seems to want to help. My friends dont understand and have slowly disappeared.. but i do think i will get better - i have before, it just takes longer each time. read up on what you are going to expect from all of this.. theres loads of info on why it happens and that its ok to feel like crap sometimes. So much to say but i think i jwill ust repeat myself...
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