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Complicated Immune problems

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  • Posted By: Dreadthedays
  • April 8, 2010
  • 02:42 PM

I will make this easier by stating all of my strange problems then explain the best I can my general history

Ovarian Cysts
Dermoid R Ovary
Ganglion Cysts of the R wrist
Pilonidal Disease
MRSA Cysts or outbreaks
Bartholin Cyst

If I had only one kind of cyst I would not consider myself such an odd man out but the bulk of everything combine is what confuses me and every Doctor or specialist who has ever treated me. I have never been treated as if these problems were inner connected. I have been told there is no way that all of these problems could be one problem that persists in the far corners of my body. I had a blood test once that showed an "unidentified white blood cell" but not much was ever said about it. I have had over 400 MRSA type outbreaks. A 7x5 inch Polinidal Excision and marsupialization. I had a 5 month tubal pregnancy that was able to be sexed. I have had 3 repeat surgeries to cauterize working ovarian cysts. I now have a dermoid on the R ovary, as well. I have had cysts in my wrists, ovaries, right labia majora my armpits, I also have cystic acne on my back, face and chest. I also have endometriosis and have had corrective surgery to remove tissue twice. I also get hives over everything; medication, heat, cold, a mild breeze, lake and ocean water and sun exposure. It seems that my body likes to wall off infection causing secondary problems. I mentioned to my Dr's that I feel like all of the problems are connected to one base problem that is probably cellular. The big question is; Why does my body wall off everything? This walling off of infection includes non foreign tissue such as my own eggs and foreign such as stitches and splinters. Does anyone here know of any disease that may cause the body to react this way. Does anyone have any resources I should look into? I am 29, Female, NC.

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  • hello there have ya got any diagnosis? i have also polycystic ovaries, pilonidal cysts, both wrist ganglion,a lot of bump under skin and recently again sth weird cyst like inside my gum(where wisdom tooth removed)which has scared me a lot. these multiple events together seem suspicious i want to find the reason behind but doctors are not supportive they say bumps are bumps live with it!
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