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Competely baffled about what could be wrong with me??

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  • Posted By: joannep1969
  • May 27, 2008
  • 11:57 AM

For 15 years my only medical problem was tingling and sometimes pain or aching in my hands and feet, with some shoulder discomfort and aching. I got a diagnosis in 2001 that it was a problem with a nerve in my neck. I learned to live with the discomfort as it wasnt too bad most of the time, only the odd flare up.

I have had an enlarged bone behind my right ear for a few years and my Gp said it was down to a problem in my neck, causing the area behind my ear to enlarge. Made sense.

Last summer I had a c section and tubal tie operation, recovery after seemed fine.

This year I have been plagued with health problems... I started with dry eyes in February, a dry inner nose, followed with a slightly sore throat and dry cough. Also with lower abdomen pain for 2 months now. It always feels like my bladder is very sore and inflammed, and hurts more when it is full. and there is sometimes throbbing pain in my pelvic area during the day. I have a kind of tingling shooting pains into my vagina area and it feels kind of sore.

My eyes are getting worse and are quite sore and sometimes shooting pain or inflammation feeling under them. It is bothering all day, I have tried 5 lots of drops and none help. I am very worried that the ongoing dryness will lead to permanent major damage to my eye sight.

I have had 2 abdomen scans, 2 gynaeclogy checks, 2 eye tests (I live out in Italy so dont trust the medics) blood tests, urine tests and a fecal occult test to check for blood in my fecus. My lungs were fine. My liver showed a lot of fat in it.

The blood tests were fine, the fecal occult test was fine, and the urine test says they didnt find anything of any significance so there was no sign of infection. I have taken 3 lots of antibiotics which havent helped. I have taken tablets in case I had thrush (caused by the antibiotics) which hasnt helped.

The optician says he could see the dryness and has prescribed glasses to help until I get a diagnosis.

The Neurologist found nothing wrong, the EEC Brain scan found nothing wrong.

The gynaecologist did an internal ecograph scan and says he couldnt find anything wrong. They both prescribed antibiotics in case it was an infection.

The abdomen scans just say that my bladder was fully distended (whatever that means) and that my colon was not healthy. When I returned to my Italian Gp with all the results, he wasnt very helpful, he was more interested in popping out for a quick cappicino with a blonde lady 10 mins into surgery.. He merely looked at the results and says looks ok.. when are you next in England.

I dont know what to do next.... stuck out in Italy with little comprehension of the Italian language is v frustrating when trying to get a diagnosis.

Do you think I should revisit the growing bone behind my ear?? or see a urologist about my bladder... or do you think it could be a bowel problem causing the lower aching problems.

I even read that it could be a condition called Candida? now I am veyr confused. i would give anything to have my health back...

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  • sorry you are feeling so poorly...I deal with a foreign system for me...Japan...but the care is fairly good here....but I know what it is like to deal with a language problem!!!! I am not sure, but thryoid problems present with a multitude of vague and sometimes hard to diagnose symptoms. with c-section you may be dealing with ovarian functions as well. I suggest thryoid panel: TSH, FT3, FT4 and the antibodies for the autoimmune disease of the thryoid. I also suggest a panel for ovarian function with progesterone, estrogen, FSH, LH and any other doctors may advise. You may also be dealing with more than one thing so what I recommend may not cover it all....fatty liver seems to be a red flag but i am sorry as I do not know much about it except what I may have read in passing online. You are a women and I am wondering how old? As for me I have many ovarian symtpoms related to perimenpoause (can start as early as aage 35). And believe me, this can cause a LOT of strange symtpoms....more from me later if you need further help...Joan
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  • If they say your intestines are not healthy, then you need to see a specialist and have a colonscopy done. If you havent already then you need to be tested for sjogrens syndrome as well. You can find the criteria by searching for sjogrens criteria on google. Kiera
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  • Absolutely!! I think you are getting very close to what might be wrong with me!! I think the lower abdomen pain that is affecting my bladder and groin area could be down to my bowel? Also, my Gp in England mention Sjorens Syndrome when I first presented with dry sore eyes and dryish tingling slightly sore throat. My only thinking on this, is that I dont have a dry mouth, enough saliva there, only sore swollenish glands and sore tongue and tingling face and inner mouth. But I think you could be very warm. My other recent thinking is that if my bowel is inflammed or has a problem, might this inflamme my eyes, throat, tongue and mouth and also impinge on my bladder area? Also, this enlarged bone behind my right ear makes me wonder if the pressure is pinching a nerve and perhaps causing the inflammation in my eyes, sinuses and throat. Esp because I get a lot of surrounding headaches on a daily basis. Finally, because my behind the ears is enlarged, throat glands or similar, are a little sore, and my groin area or pelvis area is aching on and off, could it be a problem with my lymph nodes?? wouldnt have a clue where to locate my groin lymph nodes. Have felt about and couldnt find anything, neither under my arms Joanne
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  • A problem with the colon could cause pain in the lower abdomen. Do have it looked into, since your intestines can cause many other symtpoms as well. Your eyes could be connected to your intestines. Colitis and Crohns can cause probelms with the eyes, as well as Sjogrens. When they say you have a dry mouth with Sjogrens, it doesnt have to be dry like you would think. It could just be that with the inflammed minior salivary glands you are not producing the amounts of salivia you should be. The sore tounge might be your only symptom. This could also be from Vit. B deficiency, so be sure to have your vitamin b checked along with other vitamins. I think the pain you are feeling in your groin might be caused by a simular problem to the one you have in your neck. Have you had a MRI of your lower back at any point? Hope you feel better soon... Kiera
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