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Commonly misdiagnosed digestive/general problems!

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  • Posted By: Azaral
  • November 7, 2006
  • 04:40 PM

OK, I was going to look for posts of people needing help who had symptoms I recognized, but I was going to be here for years at that rate :o

Celiac's Disease AKA Wheat allergy AKA Gluten Intolerence

AKA One of the most undiagnosed and yet fixable problems known to modern medicine.

General CONSTANT symptoms:
Foul smelling gas/stool
Stomach cramps
Loss of apetite
"Left side stomach pain"

Case-by-case symptoms:
Dermatitis (skin itch, often symmetrical)
Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Hair loss/Scalp rash
Tooth decay
Discolored nails
Tingling (nerve damage)
Chronic aches in the extremities
Body Odor
Extreme Weight Loss/Gain
Unexplained anemia (a low count of red blood cells causing fatigue)
Bone or joint pain
Osteoporosis, osteopenia
Behavioral changes (Often misdiagnosed as psychological)
Forgetfulness or "Brain fog"
Missed menstrual periods (often because of excessive weight loss)
Infertility, recurrent miscarriage
Delayed growth
Failure to thrive in infants
Pale sores inside the mouth, called aphthous ulcers
Twitching, muscle spasms

Develops into: Immune and/or digestive cancer, Schizophrenia, Slow Starvation
(Mortality rate increases 200% ])

Onset coincides with periods of stress: Exams, childbirth, other unrelated illnesses, financial trouble. You name it, if its stressful it can make you develop an intolerence! If you have the intolerence already and stress can make the symptoms worse OR even force your body into adopting new symptoms, at any age.

Long list huh? It You may have only 1 or 2 off that list and have a problem with wheat. A LOT of these symptoms fall into classifications that amount to the medical community giving up: "Chronic Fatigue," "Irritable bowel," or "Nuerosis." The longer its untreated the worse it will get! Some people have almost no visible symptoms at all, just general susceptibility to illness.

The only cure to this particular condition affecting at least 1% of the American population (3,000,000 people) is to STOP EATING WHEAT and its most closely related grains RYE and BARLEY. The frequency skyrockets in the population of Northern European descent. Some smaller counties in Ireland have reported 1 in 27. Although a life-event usually triggers on-set, the gene that makes people susceptible is hereditary, so if anyone in your family has the problem your chances shoot up to 1 in 20. Some studies now show that up to 50% of the people complaining of dementia, chronic fatigue, or irritable bowel syndrome may test positive for anti-gliadin antibodies in the bloodstream.

I personally found it on a list of the "Seven most misdiagnosed conditions" so if you're reading these forums, wondering whats wrong, your chance of having this is probably way higher than any population studied so far.

I've been to doctors and I've been perscribed all manner of pills, diets, and cremes. Some of the cures could treat the symptoms for a little while, but it always managed to come back worse than before, with new symptoms. When I did some more research into this undiagnosed condition, suddenly everything made a lot more sense than the doctors could ever figure out. 9 months of elimination diet later, and I feel stronger than I did as a kid. A year ago, I figured I'd be dead by now. I hope I can help at least one person out there, because it was a long lonely road for me.

Useful links
Well, I don't know how it effects you. Google gluten with whatever worries you the most about yourself and see if there's a connection. There are also a lot of support boards out there with a ton of people happy to answer questions and record information about what foods and products do not contain the allergic substance. I don't really have any favorites, or an agenda to generate traffic for that matter, so I recommend you find your own favorite links depending on what you need that day :)

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