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common problem but at my age? no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 5, 2007
  • 09:32 PM

hi all i have off and on had episodes of palpitations (heart beating fast and to extent i can feel it through my chest) then quickly afterwards i get chest pain its usually in the midlle but can sometimes move to the side or my back, feels like someone is gripping inside. i often get shaky hands, sometimes have a heavy feeling in my arms and seem to have to sigh a lot. after mentioning it to a colleague last year i was sent home to 'sort it out', i ended up in casualty by which point the pain had gone - as it always does, they did an ecg and apparently i had t wave inversion in some of the leads? this led to an exercise test which went fine until i stopped with a heart rate of about 160, the problem was i had strings of 8-10 ventricular ectopics at a time as my heart was resting back to normal, it made me feel like i was going to pass out. i was put on a small dose of beta blockers and waited for an out patient angiogram , i had this and it was normal. i havent seen a doctor since!! i stopped the beta blockers about 5 months ago, because things seemed fine, but i have in the last month started with the same problem again. i dont drink too much coffee/tea or alcohol, dont do drugs but do smoke about 12 roll ups a day and am not stressed or overweight. do i have a problem or is it something i can just ignore, im 36 yrs old and a woman, so a heart problem seems unlikely to me. any advice would be welcome

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  • Have you ever been checked for Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)? It is VERY apt to cause the symptoms you describe, plus it can frequently trigger anxiety/panic attacks which can also present your same symptoms. These symptoms are very prevalent in women your age with MVP and/or anxiety/panic disorder. This could explain why your symptoms were alleviated while you were on the beta blocker, which also helps with the anxiety, but have since resumed. You may try getting back on your beta blockers or a low dose anti anxiety agent to see if it helps.
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  • Please continue going to doctors - My 35 year old brother had a massive heart attack in December and died. Heart disease doesn't care how old you are!!!:(
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  • Yes, most definitely get back in to see your doctor! I implied it when I stated you might consider getting back on your beta blocker, but did not give thought to the fact that you may be one of the many who would just resume them on your own without your doc's advice. Much like Beth's brother, my grandfather, an otherwise very healthy man, had his first massive heart attack at age 39. No matter how trivial "you" suspect the problem may be, you should never dismiss any chest pains. Life is too precious to risk losing it needlessly! Definitely do not let the doc's dismiss it without testing either. So many are prone to dismiss it simply because we (relatively young, otherwise healthy, females) do not fit the profile for heart disease. I just turned 40, but have been seeing/treated by a cadiologist periodically since I was 19. Please, for your health and your own peace of mind, do get in to see your doctor! Best of luck and please keep us posted on your findings.
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