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chronic vomiting for years!

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  • Posted By: jlg850
  • July 23, 2009
  • 11:24 PM

22 year old female from PA

For the last several years I have had recurrent episodes of nausea and vomiting, as usually accompanied by abdominal pain and sometimes chills.

The episodes have no warning signs and are not brought on by eating any particular foods. I have sudden pain and nausea and sometimes vomit up to 6 or 7 times a day. It comes at all times of day and sometimes wakes me in the middle of the night. I have gone to the hospital during an "episode" and was only given IV fluids to prevent dehydration. Furthermore, this occurs usually several times a week.

I have been tested for celiac disease, all food allergies, as well as liver functioning, had CT scans and abdominal ultra-sounds and all have yielded no answers.

Does anyone have any possible explanation?!

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  • Hi Everyone: I am in desperate need of help, suggestion or remedy for the Chronic stomach pains, associated with aggressive nausea and vomiting that I am suffering from. My symptoms started Jan 2008, and to date I am still suffering from the unpredictable attacks. At first the attacks associated with hives, but after seeing an Allergist and going through allergy therapy, I am now cleared of hives but I still have the continuous stomach attacks. I have been in and out of ER about 8 times in 2008 and to date I have seen 5 specialist, 3 x Gastroenterologists, 1 x Gall Bladder Surgeon, 1 x Allergies and 1 x OBGYN and they still can not figure out what is causing my stomach pains and the nausea and vomiting. I have done all the tests associated with stomach problems 2 x Endoscopies, 1 x Ultrasound Endoscopy, I’ve done the Barium Drink Test, I have had stomach x-rays, Cat Scans and have had a Colonoscopy and all comes back normal. My symptom starts where my stomach feels sour and upset, which causes me to burp aggressively, then the pain gradually builds at the same time, the nausea feeling builds up and before I know it I am bending over a toilet bowl vomiting my guts out. While this is happening I feel the urge that I want to pass my bowels, and when this happens my stools are either soft runny or constipated. These attacks are unpredictable and it happens anytime. The worst is when my stomach is empty, because I’m dry wrenching and gagging to vomit, but there is nothing to vomit. These attacks go on for a span of 2 – 6 hours. When it first started it was occurring every 5 days, and then 3 days and then it was every day. On the 8th visit to the ER, they decided to admit me over xmas 2008 because of the ongoing attacks which causes the visit to the ER. They kept me in hospital for 2 weeks undergoing many tests and all tests came back normal and the only abnormality they found was that my Eiosiniphils blood count was always very high. Eiosiniphil count is done through a blood test study which confirms there is some kind of an infection or allergies going on in the body. The Ultrasound Endoscopy test confirmed I had sludge in my Gall bladder which they basically concluded what was causing me to have these attacks and that I should have my Gall Bladder removed. So they sent me to a Gall Bladder Specialist, who in turns refuses the procedure to remove my Gall Bladder as he felts that there is nothing wrong with my Gall Bladder and suggests I look into the field of Rheumatoid associated with stomach problems. I have been currently diagnosed by my physician that I have hiatal hernia which I take protonix for 2 x a day, but I don’t have any other serious conditions, other than these stomach problems. Currently I am taking Reglan (Metroclopromide) for management of nausea and regular movements of my bowels, Dilardid (Morphine) for pain management. I really don’t want to be on these medications for life, as these both have side affects if taken long term. I really am really in need of help, because this sickness is really weighing me down and making me feel hopeless and that no one can help me. Please feel free to share any information that you may have to help me. Thank you.
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