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Chronic UTI/Kidney Infections Poor Health

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  • August 29, 2010
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I'm a 47 year old, white female, 5'7", 135lb. I've been having chronic UTI/Kidney infections for several years, reason unknown. I usually have no symptoms other than cloudy and/or dark urine. Sometimes, and currently, I have kidney pain and fever with chills, etc. That usually only happens when I either don't notice or am unable to go in for a urine test soon enough. The urologist has run numerous tests including a VCG, ultra sounds and a couple other that I don't remember the names of right now. All the tests have come back negative and the urologists next plan is to put me on long term antibiotics. I'm hesitant to go this route as I feel that I've already been on too many courses of antibiotics, have had MRSA, and I really want to know the cause of the chronic infections, not just treat the symptoms.

I've had numerous health problems and I'll attempt to chronicle those.
1. At age 20, I had a child, and then was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and treated with radioactive iodine. I've been on Synthroid since then.
2. Around age 26, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroid and had a problem with some discharge from my nipples. The discharge was tested and I was told that it's normal lactating, but no reason for that to be happening. Tests were done and it was discovered that the likely cause is a pituitary tumor which was discovered on a scan.
3. At age 29, I got work-related "tennis elbow", first one elbow, returned to factory work and also developed the same condition in the other elbow. I was treated with injections and various anti-inflammatory meds for four years until it finally settled down enough to have tendon-release surgery on both elbows, surgery was successful. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Due, probably to the anti-inflammatory meds, I developed stomach and esophageal ulcers and GERD. I've had to stay on prescription Prilosec since that time. Fibromyalgia seemed to go away.
4. At 37 years old, I was in an auto accident which injured my back and neck. There are unoperable disc and soft-tissue injuries. Numerous medications were tried to address pain, nothing completely successful. I am treated with hydrocodone and fentanyl patches. I've been unable to work since age 39.
5. At 38 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am on Diovan and Furosemide.
6. At 39 I went through menopause, my mother did so around 48. I began treatment with Provera and Premarin, and continue to do so.
7. At 41 I had terrible swelling in my finger joints, even the appearance of nodules on the joints. I went to the rheumatologist who had treated my elbows, was diagnosed with RA and began trying numerous treatments. After several months and none of the treatments were helping so I decided to seek another opinion.
8. At 42,that rheumatologist tested for and diagnosed me with HCV, (type A, a high viral load) which can mimic RA. I had a liver biopsy which showed stage 2 of 4, which is normal for someone of my age. I was again diagnosed with fibromyalgia, (I take Lyrica three times daily which gives quite a bit of relief from symptoms) and due to a bone density test, osteoporosis.
8. At 43 I began a year long course of chemo, Pegasys and ribivirin, to treat HCV, had a 40-50% chance of a cure for my HCV, I also ended up on Procrit for low blood cell count. At 44, I was done with chemo and cured of HCV. :-)
9. At 46 I had a breast biopsy for a lump which was benign.
10. At 46 I developed pustules on my palms and soles of my feet. After numerous attempts at clearing this condition, initially thinking it was an allergic reaction, at age 47, about two weeks ago,I saw a dermatologist and have been diagnosed with palmoplantar pustulosis. I am treating with a cortisone cream and salicylic acid. The dermatologist will see me again in a couple weeks to reassess and is considering starting me on oral methotrexate, ironically, I was giving myself injestions of this back when they thought that I had RA.
11. Throughout this time, I've had my mother, maternal grandmother, an aunt and a niece diagnosed with celiac sprue. I had been checked visually during a colonoscopy, however, despite asking for a biopsy to be done, the surgeon only did a visual check and said that my colon was "very clear and healthy."

Throughout the last three years, or so, I've been also treating about every four months, more or less, for a uti or other related infection. I chronicled my history here just by memory, which has been greatly affected by fibromyalgia, but I think I included most of the major problems. In my research online last night, a medical study had something which caught my attention, hyperparathyroidism. I do have a lot of the symptoms, including trouble sleeping, memory trouble, poor appetite, lactose intolerance, and others, but many can also be attributed to fibromyalgia and back pain.

I apologize for the major length of this post. However, if you've actually read this far, I'm hoping that it's because you may have some idea of what could be going on. I would greatly appreciate any input and ideas that you might have. I'll be anxiously awaiting your responses! Thanks in advance for hanging in there with me. By the way, as my forum name implies, yes, I have a wonderful man who has been with me since I was 40 and without whom I would have never made it through chemo and beyond, I am fondly, Don's "little gimp."


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