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Chronic stomach pain, nausea, dizzyness

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 3, 2008
  • 05:27 AM

Since I have been 13 I have been suffering from chronic stomach pain and nausea. I am now 16 and since the start of this my whole life has been on hold- no friends, no normal schooling, nothing.
My symtoms start with a dull stomach ache, then eventually turn into very strong nausea with dizzyness. During this I feel like I am either going to vomit or passout.
Food does seem to intensify my symtoms.
I have been to doctor after doctor and even enrolled in a clinical trial at a local childrens hospital.
When my problems first started I was diagnosed with IBS. I began taking the perscription given by my doctor. I took the pills for several weeks and experienced no relief from my pain.
After trying several more perscriptions I was eventually sent to a GI specialist. He told me that it was most likely in my head and to come back in eight months. Needless to say I did not return.
I then went back to my family doctor where he did the best he could, trying anything from acid reflux to the original thought of IBS. I was then sent to another GI specialist.
I got several ultrasounds of my abdomen done- No abnormal results. A upper GI x-ray was performed(the one with barium)- no abnormal results. A upper endoscopy was done- They did happen to find that none of my food had digested from the night before. After that a upper GI x-ray with barium mixed in food was done- they found nothing.
He eventually sent me to a clinical trial- The drug helped at first, but within 6 months my symtoms came back with a fury, causing me to vomit atleast three times per week.
Since all of the tests and the study I have had no help. A new family doctor(my old one retired) only wants to do a sleep study which is completely opposite of my problems- he refuses to send me to a GI specialist until I get the study done.
I am at a complete loss right now. I can't continue living like this.
My parents are even starting to think that I am crazy because they haven't found anything.
Would someone please have any suggestions? I can't continue living this way.

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  • Hey, Sounds like you have had a really rough time, I am so sorry to hear that! I also had a lot of GI related problems that were not able to be figured out until I went to see a Naturopathic doctor...you can googe search for local docs in your area...Anyway she really listened to me and we used botanicals and homeopathy to help, let me tell you, I cried when I went through my first day of no cramping or diarrhea, nausea ( those were my BIG problems)!!! Good luck!
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  • I would concur with the above poster. I bet you are dealing with some GI infection that they cannot find. Could be viral, parasite, bacteria or yeast/fungus. When you run out of options go elsewhere. You might want to take a look at Jordan Rubin's book which is about his recovery from GI problems, also the SCD diet info could be a help.
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  • I wonder if you have a food intollerance issue going on. (Doctors dont usually diagnose food intollerances but they can cause the symptoms you have). best way to find out if food intollerances is the issue ..is by testing this out. Cut out everything and introduce just one new food per day to your diet (drink only water while you are testing the foods thou.. test whatever you drink too after you have reintroduced plenty of foods). Be aware that a food intollerance can cause an reaction, up to 48 hrs after you've had the food (thou usually this occurs within 24 hrs). I have many food intollerancesand they can give me symptoms from nausea to headaches to just making me feel very tired and lethargic.
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  • It is interesting how doctors don't check certain things just because of someone's age. Recently I was watching this thing on tv where this guy, in his 30s or so, kept vomiting, feeling nausea, and eventually got much worse where he started bleeding badly from his rectum. His doctors kept sending him home over and over until he switched and his new doctor checked his colon with a camera and he had colon cancer. All the other doctors didn't check it simply because he was in shape, didn't smoke, and was very young. Find a new doctor.
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