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Chronic seasonal throat issues

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  • Posted By: asd123
  • October 21, 2010
  • 01:41 AM

This illness happens roughly twice a year since I was about 14, and it happens usually after the weather changes into fall and out of winter. Here's what happens

The first day I will be a little off and feel a scratching or dryness in my nasal cavity, which slowly progresses throughout the day. The next day I will feel even worse but with no headache, and no fever. The soreness moves to my throat and eventually builds to the point where my nose is running constantly and I have the constant urge to swallow (the pain/scratching in my throat is in the upper portion). The next twelve or so hours are unbearable when I am awake, I will constantly feel the urge to very deeply swallow which in turn causes my stomach to fill with air and mucus, with every swallow proceeding with a noticeable gurgling of air into my throat which reflexively causes me to swallow over and over again. Burping when at this point is very difficult (I cannot do it on command) as the urge to swallow will always override the need to burp. I can force myself to burp by physically pushing my stomach but even that is difficult and doesn't help much.

During any stage the visible part of my throat will be red, but my tonsils will not be swollen and neither will any of my lymph glands. In fact, I'd say that the lymph glands around my throat will noticeably be smaller. The stuff coming out of my nose and throat are clear and there doesn't seem to be any noticeable viral/bacterial component to this. Strep is negative

The strangest thing is how abruptly it stops, the next day I feel very little scratching in my nose/throat and minor soreness, my nose will be very open but running profusely throughout the day, and I will cough quite a bit but they're unproductive and clear. I have no noticeable food allergies, or noticeable pollen/dander allergies and I rarely have colds or a runny/dry nose during the spring or summer.

Any ideas? Could this be from my tonsils, or some sort of allergy/sensitivity? I am ~120 lbs, 5'7 and rather healthy otherwise, I rarely exercise but do walk about 3 miles during a work day

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